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Comment Re:Bigger headache? (Score 1) 414

I'm not sure which will be the bigger headache when my internet breaks: waiting in line at the new government internet office, or waiting on hold for cable tech support.

Or as your mandatory government volunteer work, being assigned to fix your Internet.
And when you return to your government public works administration job, being assigned to break your Internet. And then break CowboyNeal's Internet.

Comment Re:Error messages which will be read? (Score 1) 306

On a dark and dreary night I searched far and wide for the answer to your quest and despite the best of my efforts I must report that there were no results to be reported within the database which you told me to search. Please take a deep breath, relax, and try another inquiry if you wish, my master.

Humbly I remain,
Your User Interface.


Submission + - Polls

tqft writes: "Slashdot polls should be replaced after
1) 50,000 votes
2) 60,000 votes
3) 70,000 votes
4) after CowboyNeal votes"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Dice ads cause 100% CPU usage!

dbryson writes: Dice ads cause 100% CPU usage and both Slashdot and Digg don't notice! Doesn't matter what browser! Are they running ad blockers on their own site and don't know???? Luckily, I have a dual core processor and have an extra core available to do something besides run the Dice ad!

Submission + - France Attempts to Ban Pirates from Web Access (

explosivejared writes: "Internet users in France who frequently download music or films illegally risk losing Web access under a new anti-piracy system unveiled on Friday. The three-way pact between Internet service providers, the government and owners of film and music rights is a boon to the music industry, which has been calling for such measures to stop illicit downloads eating into its sales. Under the agreement — drawn up by a commission headed by the chief executive of FNAC, one of France's biggest music and film retailers — service providers will issue warning messages to customers downloading files illegally. If users ignore those messages, their accounts could be suspended or closed altogether."

Submission + - An inconvenient hack: Al Gore's Web site hacked (

Bergkamp10 writes: Hackers it would seem are not without a sense of irony. A blog to promote former US Vice President Al Gore's celebrated documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has been hacked to host links to web sites selling online pharmaceuticals. According to the story the links appear to have been created as part of a scheme to boost the Web traffic for sites that promote the drugs, security experts said. They contain titles such as "Xanax On Line," "Viagra," and "Buy Valium Online." The technique is common among cyber scammers who bombard the site with links to their products in the hope of increasing traffic and boosting their search engine rankings. The links point to Web pages on a site run by Westmont College, a small Christian college based in Santa Barbara, California. The Westmont College Web site also appears to have been hacked, a security expert said.
The Internet

Submission + - Top Australian ISP removes 2

An anonymous reader writes: Australia's biggest ISP Bigpond, part of the largest telco Telstra, has removed all downloads from their free downloads mirror Bigpond Files Library. The Library main page indicates that the reason for this was to promote their new Java-based hosted office suite Bigpond Office, adding that "BigPond has launched a number of new applications that provide similar functionality to some existing application files in the file library and therefore those files have been removed". With the OO.o files no longer available as free downloads, Bigpond OO.o users will be forced to download from other locations and have those downloads count against their quota. Bigpond's quotas are among the most severe in the world according to a recent OECD report (30 KB XLS) , and with typical OO.o downloads amounting to over half the quota of Bigpond's least expensive (and most popular) plan, download costs of about AUS$15 for OO.O are possible.

Submission + - new /. not as nice

cinnamon colbert writes: Am I the only /. fan who does not like the changes that have occured to the site in the last month or two ? Perhaps a survey is inorder

Submission + - The "Open Source Party proposition" (

destinyland writes: "The former technology editor at Mondo 2000 is proposing an Open Source political party. It's ensuring civil liberties, energy independence, and voting rights in its platform, and supporting "the natural evolving ecology of copying and sharing on the web." ("Let My Web People Go!" reads one platform plank.) He's urging the use of network tools to launch a discussion "about the things that we believe really need to change." And he's already launched a dedicated social networking page to track responses..."

Submission + - Blue Screen of Death coming to Mac? (

izjenie writes: As disturbing as data loss is, this next problem is the Apple version of a bombshell. Thanks to Leopard, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death is now a part of the Mac operating system. When I first tell this to Mac users that haven't yet upgraded to Leopard, I usually hear something like "Yeah, I get Blue Screens of Death when I use Windows on my Mac". No, that's not quite what I mean — Blue Screens of Death are occurring not only in Windows, but in Leopard as well.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - American Academy of Religon to discuss FSM

sbillard writes: The American Academy of Religion is set to discuss the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) at their annual meeting this weekend in San Diego. The FSM, now a college campus celebrity and internet sensation was first brought to us in a letter to the Kentucky school board after they mandated consideration for Intelligent Design in Science class curriculum. While largely acknowledged as a joke, the academy will discuss some of the legitimate aspects of FSM as a religion, and as an adequate criticism of religion. What is religion? When does a clan or cult officially cross the line and become a religion? At what point does religious belief stop being beneficial to an individual or to a society and start to cause more problems than it solves?
Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?
The Internet

Submission + - The Most Annoying Internet Ads (

Geoffrey.landis writes: "Dancing emoticons, two-stepping cowboys, audacious audio: why are online ads so obnoxious? The answer, according to Tom Spring, is that they work by grabbing our attention. What you call obnoxious, they call "effective marketing." Spring makes his top-ten list of the most annoying online ads, that "make you long for the days when the most pesky ads promoted an X-10 wireless camera.:"

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