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Submission + - Best Website Strategy in a PR Meltdown?

theodp writes: When it came to protecting Tiger Woods' image in the print media, Tiger's PR folks displayed a lot of ingenuity. Attempts were also made to control the spin on, which was always a shrine to the golfer. But in the aftermath of the recent scandal, the comments section was left wide-open, allowing critics to bash Tiger on his own site. But the folks who manage have been scrambling — visitors are no longer allowed to leave comments, and embarrassing items have disappeared from the site (although you'll still find a Vegas showgirl or two). So, is there really any good strategy for dealing with a website in a PR meltdown? Or is simply making your problems disappear, a la IBM, usually the road best taken?

Comment Re:Nice vid and all, but I've seen that movie befo (Score 2, Insightful) 315

You haven't flown much in real air, have you? You should try it in a small airplane. Check at your nearest airport for short flights and see if you can find one with a plane which holds less than 50 people. After a summer flight in a 10-passenger plane you'll change your opinion of how a wing through air might behave. Take a dose of motion sickness medicine before your first flight, as you don't know how you'll react to it.

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