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Comment Re:Compiz can do it. (Score 2, Funny) 410

I am looking for my van to take hairpin turns at 250mph....are you not going to suggest that maybe I should be looking for a different vehicle :-)

Two choices:

  1. Look for steeply banked hairpin turns.
  2. Drop the van on a hairpin-covered trampoline on the Moon. You'll need to be in a vacuum because your van's terminal velocity in Earth's atmosphere is less than 250 mph.

Submission + - CRU head steps down, Michael Mann investigated ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: "Phil Jones, head of the British climate-research center at the heart of the swirling controversy over hacked emails, has stepped down temporarily, pending an internal review. On the other side of the pond, Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann, who was included in some of the 1,000 emails, is also subject of an internal “inquiry” by the university that will determine whether a full investigation is warranted."

Submission + - Sprint Reveals Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Sprint started a portal for law enforcement to access Sprint customer data. It's been a hit. According to a researcher covering the story:
"Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers' (GPS) location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009"
To put that in perspective, Sprint has ~50 million customers. One request per six customers seems a little steep.

Submission + - Newspaper crowdsources Tony Blair investigation (

projector writes: The Guardian are crowd sourcing an investigation into former Prime Minister Tony Blair's finances. "Since Tony Blair stepped down, he has received millions of pounds from an unusual mixture of income streams. His financial affairs have been described as 'Byzantine' and 'opaque'. Can you shed any light on them?" Documents detailing Blair's companies are being made available, readers are asked to send their remarks and observations to the newspaper.

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