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Comment Bad statistics are bad (Score 4, Insightful) 254

those conclusions are drawn without controling for a language usage. Since c++ is widely adopted so there will be more instances of a comment where "WTF?" is used.

Why don't use a percentage at least? Even if that was the case, the problem remains... a wtf-y language may be the most avoided and/or not present in github

Comment Weird (Score 1) 184

So if a mega blizzard struck on the next winter, leaving thousands isolated and on short supplies... they will be chanting "peace and love"?

Maybe the correlation can be explained just by time: there are social factors that are leading to increasingly more violent societies (e.g. increasing awareness of social rights).

Comment Re:Speculation (Score 1) 293

BTC are backed by the very same trust that allows exchange for goods using US Dollars.

Using BTC is indeed a way to extinguish some obligations (if i want to buy a good, the buyer is obligued to give it to you and you are obligated to pay the price) between parties that allows them. Also i fail to see how tax law is related to this, since the whole point of BTC is being unregulated currency so taxes play no role whatsoever on any transaction involving bitcoins.

While I do recognize that the trust behind us dollars is greater than in BTC, the issues they face are common. They are just different in magnitude.

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