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Comment Cellphone as a computer (Score 1) 404

There are three things that could be game changers:
  1. 1.Cellphone as a computer, docked to a monitor and a keyboard/mouse.
  2. 2.Battery life of a week in a smartphone.
  3. 3.Super cheap. (Currently, symbian is the biggest OS worldwide, if you add symbian and S40 together, because it's cheap. See the real stats

The cellphone as a computer is something that might happen, and might benefit those smartphones that come with a full-blown OS (and here is an opportunity for ubuntu). The user would plug the device to a monitor and a keyboard and start working. We already have 1.5GHz processors, +1Gb RAM, and graphics chipsets that support OpenGL. We might see in the future clever ways to dock the smartphone into a monitor and keyboard (maybe wireless displays are in the future, but I doubt it because of bandwidth required). Maybe a dock that has the shape of laptop, only it provides the keyboard and display, but nothing else inside.

Android and iOS might be at a disadvantage for that, because those OS's weren't borne with desktop grade multitasking, file management, etc. (android has multitasking but only has windows in some samsung products), iOS wants you to forget that files even exist.

Smartphones already have: gps, bluetooth, wifi, 3g, accelerometers, compasses, gyroscopes, sd storage, hd displays, opengl, lots of RAM, more than 16gb storage, etc. What more could you add to them?? They are almost a PC, so why not use them as a PC that already has the capacity to fulfill most casual users needs.

On the cost issue, for WP8 or BB10 to take the market, they need to learn a lesson from cheap android phones and cheap S40 phones, that cover most of the needs of its users while remaining affordable, and even sometimes having more battery. If they don't come up with sub $100 devices (with subsidy), they are simply not going to penetrate latin america and india.

Comment Norton Commander (Score 2) 704

Don't forget Norton Commander (from which Midnight Commander and Total Commander descended)

Also, for me, QBasic, Turbo Pascal, the Norton Guide (with an assembler guide that had each asm instruction and each DOS interruption listed). Norton Disk Doctor, to fix broken floppy disks.

The AfterDark screensavers for Windows 3.1 (this was the one with the flying toasters), which could activate when sending the mouse cursor to a corner of the screen (hahah, what does that remind me of?).

Though I regret to admit it, Visual Basic 3.0 was the first IDE I've seen that let you create GUI's by dragging and dropping buttons and form elements. I don't know if it was the first ever IDE to do this, but it was the first I've seen.

Comment Re:Woz is sure being very diplomatic ... (Score 1) 330

I hope the movie producer can get more information from people who knew Steve Jobs and make a movie that is not just entertaining but instead, also give proper justice to Mr. Steve Jobs, the man.

It's too late for that. The movie is already finished, and will premiere soon. From the article: "[..]in jOBS, premiering Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie hits theaters April 19."

I'm currently reading jobs biography, and find very entertaining to find out how rotten his personality was. It shows that flawed humans can have success.. on the other hand, I'm starting to think that maybe all successful people are such because they have something wrong with their personality, because they can't settle for a normal life.

One thing is for certain, if the movie is all bullshit, it won't be entertaining no matter how hollywoodesque it is.

Comment I miss classic tabs in Android (Score 1) 220

Firefox for Android lacks tabs. I mean, you have them in a sidebar as big screenshots of the website, and there is no option to use classic tabs at the top of the window. I hope they fixed it with Firefox 18, will try it later today. Otherwise, it is a great browser and the only one in which I can use flash for android jelly bean (though I had to install flash by hand). Chrome and Dolphin disabled flash, even if it is installed, for jelly bean.

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