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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 245

Not all conspiracy is in a smoke filled room. Sometimes it's just going along with the gag when you know something is screwy (AKA accessory to a crime).

Being an accessory (especially by a mere omission), is vastly different from being part of a conspiracy...

You might be surprised how much doesn't get reported at all because it's the sort of thing that get you un-invited to press conferences.

I know, what you mean, but the talk was about those times (2000-2008), when dissent was still patriotic (rather than racist) and the media was duly skeptical (if not outright hostile) towards the government...

Comment Re:along with 75% of federal employees (Score 3, Informative) 330

It's taking a bigger bite than just the customer service type jobs. Of course in any budget dispute the more visible jobs and services are cut first. But even the Defense Department and intelligence agencies are taking a hit.

NSA, intelligence workers 'stretched to limit' by shutdown, official says
400,000 DOD Civilians to Get Shutdown Furloughs
US shutdown: Bad for Pentagon workers, not so much for defense firms

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 245

So, embedded journalists are, in your opinion, evidence, the government conspired with the news media? Wow...

How about the White House "pool"? Is that also evidence of government-media collusion?

Or sports-reporting? Are the folks reporting live from sport-matches "in bed" with the teams? Which sides?

Or a shuttle launch? Plenty of reporters there — are they all conspiring with NASA?

Do you want to ask any other questions with really obvious answers?

Most curious indeed!

Comment Re:Am I the only one enraged? (Score 1) 245

So please tell me what happened to the murderers in the "Collateral Murder" video?

Whether that was actual "murder" or a justified collateral damage in a war-zone, there is no parallel to TFA. Because unlike what the terrorists have done at the mall

  1. It was no pre-planned.
  2. It was not boasted about — neither by the actual trigger-pullers, nor by their associates.
  3. It was not done with the intent to terrorize.
  4. It is considered most unfortunate (and possibly criminal) — rather than a just and proper way to fight.

Comment Wait a second... (Score 4, Informative) 330

Now that the government is shut down, does that mean the domestic spying program is also?

And while I'm at it, would it be unpatriotic of me to suggest that the government shutdown may be a tactful diversion from the domestic spying program? Snowden's Sunday leak was largely ignored Sunday by the major news networks in favor of the impeding shutdown.

Submission + - Why Are Hackers Flooding Into Brazil? (

An anonymous reader writes: Bloomberg reports, "In recent years, Brazil has become a major source of malware that steals online banking passwords, a development that may surprise you given the attention paid to attacks originating in Eastern Europe and Asia. To understand why ... it helps to consider the country's long history in electronic banking, according to a report by Trend Micro ... Brazil's banks have been on the forefront of online finance, pioneering electronic systems in the 1980s ... The country is now home to the world's second-largest ATM market ... It's also home to surging cybercrime. Brazil's large online population — 88.5 million people, or more than 40 percent of the population — makes for a big target. And $1.4 billion was lost in the country in 2012 to electronic fraud ... growth in people getting online combined with financial institutions enabling Internet banking lead to increased risks for consumers. Brazil is home to the famous ... Bancos Trojans, a family of malware that steals banking information from Latin American consumers. And lately, other popular banking Trojans such as ZeuS, SpyEye and CARBERP ... have now been spreading quickly ... A big part of the reason is many people don't patch their systems."

Comment Re:Comparative sacrifice (Score 0) 273

Not so - Washington power brokers were calling for Snowden to swing from the gallows, and that's after he got NDAA'ed and waterboarded at Gitmo.

Which is all nonsense. Pundits and legislators have no power over the prosecutorial or judicial process. The only people sent the Gitmo, less than 800 ever, were people known or thought to be connected to al Qaida or other related terrorists groups. The US only waterboarded three people in total, the last of which was ten years ago.

You don't have any information linking Snowden to al Qaida, do you?

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