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Comment Re:Burying the lede (Score 1) 379

One of the most horrific things that the Bush Administration did post 9/11 was declare that, in effect, you cease to be an American Citizen once you leave the confines of the USA.

If you would, please expand on that. I don't think that is correct, at least not at face value.

But whether or not literally American law extends beyond the borders of the USA, there is no doubt that effectively it does so. You can see that in the influence that the USA has had on shaping foreign copyright laws, as a prime example.

Countries negotiate all sorts of treaties, defense, trade, human rights. I don't think there is much special about that.

Comment Re:Let's look in the mirror (Score 0) 379

If you look at the post I was responding to you will see that I was providing information on events specifically referenced in it.

As to the law, many people here comment on it, but are unhampered by any meaningful knowledge of it, even in layman's terms. They tend to focus on just a couple of amendments to the Constitution, inflate their meaning beyond recognition, ignore other major parts of it, and banish any court decisions or inconvenient legal doctrines with a wave of the hand. Only the Constitution with still wet ink will do, no messy 224 years of Constitutional jurisprudence and experience in applying it to real situations.

What is more amusing is that many of the people objecting to the government trying to keep them from being blown up are totally in favor of government run healthcare and the massive privacy implications of that. They don't want the possibility of the government even knowing of an email they've sent with the latest sports joke, but are perfectly OK with sharing the names of their sex partners with their doctor, and letting a government doctor cut them open, move bits around, take some things out, put some things in, pump them full of toxic chemicals and irradiate them.

Comment Re:Hilarious considering the Microsoft marketing (Score 1) 379

campaign against Google, attacking Google for "reading your email" for putting ads on the screen.

If the reports about are true, it seems almost certain that Google faces the same situation. In that case it is a wash between Microsoft and Google for national security purposes, but Google is still scanning for commercial purposes.. Google's scan results are likely to be shared with other corporate entities. Microsoft does have a point.

Comment Re:Burying the lede (Score 1) 379

Morality, no, it doesn't lose its meaning. Legal rights are another question. As many Europeans, and others around the world, are so fond of reminding Americans - the reach of American law does not extend beyond its borders. But that is a two way street. The power to label action as criminal and prosecute may end at the border (to varying degrees*), but so does the power to protect, and the legal protections of the US Constitution.

*Some international law is considered to have in essence universal jurisdiction.

Comment Very important distinction needs to be made... (Score 2) 580

...Between what the research proves and the conclusions drawn from the research. I missed it the first time in the summary, and think this deserves highlighting:

The research concludes: "While math and science majors drew the most interest initially, not many students finished with degrees in those subjects...The students switched out [of math and science majors] because they were dissatisfied with their grades."

The author concludes from the research: "“If more science graduates are desired, the findings suggest the importance of policies at younger ages that lead students to enter college better prepared to study science."

That's quite the spin. If I could be so bold as to suggest a different conclusion...

Kids these days don't understand the meaning of the word fortitude.

Comment Re:Let's look in the mirror (Score 3, Interesting) 379

I think Barbara Lee would be an interesting candidate for the Democrats. Of course she will need a running mate. I think one of the "Pauls" might make an interesting choice. I had long thought a R (Paul (P) /Paul (VP) ) ticket would blend the mutual gravitas and seriousness of the ticket and make it approachable by more voters. With Ron getting too old to run that frees someone to run with Barbara. There might be someone better, but it would be an interesting choice.

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