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Comment Layman Alert! (Score 1) 107

Seems to me there's an easy fix. In order to hold a patent, you must demonstrably make, sell, support or otherwise profit from whatever the patent is for*. That incentivizes patent owners to use them for more than bargaining chips, and discourages people from hoovering up patents with only the intent to troll.

* 'Profit' does not include litigation.

Comment Re:System may be working? (Score 1) 321

No laws means that consequences are pretty much impossible, as there's nothing to violate to incur consequenses on. And people generally know their version of right and wrong; there's dozens of concepts from Sharia to Poligamy to Homosexuality that many people are absolutely convinced are 'right', and just as many absolutely convinced are 'wrong'; who's to say which is correct? 'Do what thou will' may look good on paper, but there's simply way too many loopholes...

Comment Re:Same moronic moaning (Score 1) 80

While it's true that Google is "NOT going to prevent you from watching your own videos, or reading your own books, regardless of the source or the file format", it does seem to treat user-provided content like a second-class citizen compared to Play content. When I added a few video files to my Nexus 7, it took me almost 10 minutes to figure out how to actually play them, and when I did find them, they showed up as nameless video thumbnails.

Comment Re:Not So Free Market (Score 1) 82

I was hoping the /. community was smarter than trying to shoehorn the 'stolen car' analogy in, but there it is. My tl;dr response to that is, yes, if I left my car doors open and the keys in the ignition, I'd be prepared to accept full responsibility for what someone did with it. P.P.S. And my smileys love you anyway. ( :

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