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Comment Re:the danger of abstracted combat (Score 1) 297

Eh, tbh the US should open up it's borders to a more reasonable amount; it's like you guys are trying to hog the riches of the world (and failing at it, too). I mean it's as if the US is an exclusive club for the mental elite (though kind of more like a bourgeois) with little for the poor. Loosening the immigration process will bring in more immigrants searching for lower-paying work (unlike most of the rich/smart Chinese/Indian people), bringing back factories from overseas for Americans too. However, social security might kill it in a few decades... Damn FDR and his socialism... Then again, I wouldn't call myself an expert on this, but those are my 2 cents from my observations... Still, I feel that most of America's worker rights are helping to kill itself, but that might just be cynicism.

Comment Re:the danger of abstracted combat (Score 1) 297

1) I encourage you to not use the word "you" too blatantly; it makes it seem like I am at fault for all of this. Try "one" instead. I mean I don't have a failing economy, my country does (though it's not really my country, but that's beside the point). 2) My needs and wants are mine and mine only. I am also an atheist. I think that you need to understand that generalizing a society is a pathetic excuse to condemn people that you don't truly understand (aka the individual). 3) My comment was satirical. 4) Yes, I am OP. And yes, I did finally care enough to make an account... 5) Also, I believe your whole argument ignores the fact that modern society is based upon forced manipulation into conformity caused by the want of individuals to feel like they belong. The media (such as this site) is a strong catalyst for this. It's true but that's enough cynicism today. 6) Eh, defense drones exist/are being used currently, and I also think that your views are too idealistic. Although I do commend you for them, it will take quite a while for peace within humanity. I actually hope that a major incident involving drones occurs, resulting in their being labeled as a taboo (such as atomic bombs). Hopefully that could even help everyone see that this is pointless. Memento mori. But seriously, I think you are very offensive.

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