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Comment Re:Its the margins they are scared of losing. (Score 1) 455

Sad troll attempt- 0/10. Corporations exist to make money. Given the opportunity to do so with little effort, you can bet your ass they ALL would. I can't even believe you'd throw GM, Ford, and Toyota in that list. Those guys have had so many recalls for cheaping out on parts I couldn't even list them all. I don't mention Honda or the Koreans because I don't know anything off the top of my head but I'm sure you can find plenty of problems with them as well. When you have a demonstrable habit of cutting corners why would you ever think they'd start behaving without someone cracking the whip on them? As far as I can remember, the price of a new car has only ever went up. Cutting out those middle man dealers is just a great way to get the bigwigs a bigger bonus! You'll still pay more for next year's model and they'll still use some plastic clips where 4 real screws should have been! Keep hatin' hater!

Comment Re:I can't buy one (Score 1) 377

I usually buy used myself and wasn't trying to make a case for always buying new. To me, it just wasn't clear what the point of the parent's post was. A new car typically will last 15 years but so will a used one if you're mechanically inclined like I am (your engine swap would have cost me about $800 instead of 5k!). Sorry about your loss! It looks to me that every car company produces a lemon every once in awhile. Looks like you found Nissan's. My new car buy was just as bad as yours though my Colorado only made it about 18 months. I hate GM like you now hate Nissan!

Comment Re:I can't buy one (Score 2) 377

Ah well, I guess I can see that point as well, since I typically only buy used. There is a use case for either method. His two sentence post didn't seem to make that clear. The one brand new vehicle I bought was because of what toddestan replied to you about. I had a specific type of truck with a specific set of options that I had to have, but most importantly I had too damned much money so I kind of bit off more than I could chew. I won't make that mistake again. If buying new works great for you and gives you the peace of mind you like to have, then keep on truckin! Unlike most folks, I do my own auto work and so I'm used to the quirky nature of well-beaten vehicles and I won't get those $1000 repair bills every time I take it in. If you aren't a grease monkey, I can totally understand why you'd always want new. But I will say that all these people talking depreciation levels, total cost of ownership and all the other economical buzz words just don't get people like me. I don't care one bit if the "value" of the vehicle depreciates. Depreciation ONLY matters if you want to sell that vehicle. I never sell mine nor trade them. The value of a vehicle to me is if the damned thing does what it is supposed to, ie runs and drives. I run them until they fall the hell apart. Once that happens, either it takes a ride to the scrap yard (where I get about $500 for it) or I give it to a needy teenager if I think it is safe enough.

Thanks for the link btw. I didn't realize someone actually put pen and calculator to the used car market, so much so they got a Nobel for it! For an anecdote though, I have bought one used lemon, but more importantly, that one new truck I bought was probably the sourest lemon I've tasted! Nothing but problems. GM can burn in hell!

Comment Re:I got this one guys (Score 1) 190

Oh and one more thing: In my opinion, "developing countries" is a bunch of weasel words. How long are they going to be developing? How long do they get that free pass? China, India, and Africa have been "developing" since the Dark Ages or before. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Yelling at me to clean my already squeaky clean act up is about as effective as squeezing blood from a turnip.

Comment Re:I got this one guys (Score 1) 190

Yes I do mean that and I'll tell you why. I'm tired of suffering for everyone else. This is a classic example of the good ol school group project. America is the nerd who gets the whole project dumped on them while the rest just fuck around and still get the good grade for doing nothing. We do what we do but it is never enough. You cut X by 30%? Well that's great but I think you can do better. How about instead of bitching at me for whatever amounts to peanuts in the grand scheme of things, you go bitch at India, China, and Africa? We're trying to make the world cleaner while they are just dumping their waste straight on the ground, in the river, or in the air. America, by itself, cannot clean up the shit of the rest of the world. There comes a time where you have to stop brow beating yourself and put the blame where it belongs. That blame doesn't lie with us any longer.

Also, ad hominems do nothing to support your position, whatever it is, and when your only retort to an argument is to use one, then many would say that is "utterly pathetic."

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