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Comment Re:I got this one guys (Score 1) 190

Oh and one more thing: In my opinion, "developing countries" is a bunch of weasel words. How long are they going to be developing? How long do they get that free pass? China, India, and Africa have been "developing" since the Dark Ages or before. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Yelling at me to clean my already squeaky clean act up is about as effective as squeezing blood from a turnip.

Comment Re:I got this one guys (Score 1) 190

Yes I do mean that and I'll tell you why. I'm tired of suffering for everyone else. This is a classic example of the good ol school group project. America is the nerd who gets the whole project dumped on them while the rest just fuck around and still get the good grade for doing nothing. We do what we do but it is never enough. You cut X by 30%? Well that's great but I think you can do better. How about instead of bitching at me for whatever amounts to peanuts in the grand scheme of things, you go bitch at India, China, and Africa? We're trying to make the world cleaner while they are just dumping their waste straight on the ground, in the river, or in the air. America, by itself, cannot clean up the shit of the rest of the world. There comes a time where you have to stop brow beating yourself and put the blame where it belongs. That blame doesn't lie with us any longer.

Also, ad hominems do nothing to support your position, whatever it is, and when your only retort to an argument is to use one, then many would say that is "utterly pathetic."

Comment I got this one guys (Score 0) 190

Well AC, I understand the haughty "green" derision that is so fashionable these days, but you have to understand that you most likely wouldn't be here to bitch about all of this "wasted" water if it weren't for the fact we "waste" so much water. Proper water treatment facilities, wastewater management, and just good ol general sanitation are the reason we don't worry about dying of dysentery, cholera, and many other pathogens these days. Third world nations still using old fashioned cesspits do worry about these. Evidently there's even a trend for Crone's sufferers that involve infecting yourself with tapeworms and the pioneer of this method went to Africa to stand around barefoot all day in these public cesspits to get infected. Why? Because America is too clean! So be aware that if we go back to these "greener" methods, you'll need to be sure you're wearing some shit waders cause it'd be a damned shame if you got a tapeworm when you jumped down off your high horse.

Comment Re:Ignition switch not the main fault (Score 1) 307

This problem is already working itself out. With the inclusion of electric power steering and brakes on many new models, it'll be obsoleted over the next decade. Also, why stop pushing the "silly cameras"? We can push for both. That just sounds like axe grinding your favorite pet peeve. Bet you hate DRLs too dontcha?

Comment Re:How much would swapping cost? (Score 1) 363

if you bought an all-electric suburban, you might have a dozen 20kg slots

This made me laugh hysterically, thanks! I imagined an all electric Suburban would probably need to tow another Suburban full of batteries just to move it. Hell, might as well just buy a Canyonero! Which other SUV comfortably seats 8 people and their SUVs?

Comment Re:Repatriation, yeah right. (Score 1) 389

Why do you seem to keep running this guy down? Who's side are you on? Are you happy that we now know the extent of what was really going on and being done to us? I sure am, not that I didn't know it was already going on, but confirmation is nice. I don't care who the guy is or isn't as long as the info is legit, and so far that seems the case. The only people, imho, that would be against this guy are folks who work in that industry. Is that your angle? You a defense contractor working on this kind of project? If you aren't then why do you think it was better that we didn't find out?

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