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Comment Out with the old (Score 1) 371

mechanical spring type vending machines

...need to die in a horrible fire. They are antiquated pieces of shit that continue to linger on like to those damned dial indicator gas pumps with the blackjack style pull handle on the side. Neither will accept credit and so have to inconvenience the users by searching for someone to make change (which most will only do if you buy something) or by forcing you to prepay inside. The whole point of using a vending machine of any sort is so you don't have to deal with real people. Keeping both of these old ass relics just holds everyone back. They should go away with much speed, preferable into the Sun.

Comment Re:Not cans (Score 1) 371

Okinawa, Japan, Kadena AFB, Gate 2 street. Go see the banana show. I dunno why they call it the banana show though, that may have been the most tame part! That mama-san could squat on an unknown amount of coinage and then count it out to you like one of those change-makers the Sonic girls carry around. She'd say something along the lines of "how much", you'd stick your hand under there, and she would pop them out one at a time into your hand. One time to be a smart ass, we told her some high amount we didn't think would be in that particular stack, like $7.25, and she started counting that shit out, click, click, click, click, but then she swayed away from my hand, shot one out off to the side, said "That was a yen", and then continued counting up to precisely $7.25. I have never been that amazed at anything in my whole life. I don't think I'll ever be that amazed at anything until I die. Ya, I'm easily amused!

Comment Re:Always-on HDR (Score 0) 107

That article explains nothing. There is no reason to have an always on camera chewing up my already short battery run time. Oh and people complain about this kind of thing with Google Glass and it isn't even always on! This is. Rooting it to disable it would be my first task if I was even bothered to buy one.

Comment Re: All or nothing (Score 1) 903

Oh and since we want to complain about the government running roughshod over you by forcing you to pay for contraceptives against your will, why does your side already force myself and others to pay for fertility treatments for people on welfare? Tenncare does in fact pay for those who recieve it to get fertility treatments and pop out new welfare babies on the taxpayer's dime. In what world does that make fiscal sense? I have a hard time even finding the moral positive to it. In some screwed up way, it is right in the eyes of the Lord for that 16 year old girl that already has a meth habit to pop that child out and cause multiple lives to suffer instead of allowing her to have an abortion or even a free fucking rubber. And you already force me to pay for that! America is quid pro quo. We've been giving you the quo's so we want our fucking quids! Suck it up!

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