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Comment Re:150 years is a long time (Score 1) 545

I would use them all obviously. The bigger the data set, assuming it is valid of course, the better one can trend. We do this all the time with our modeling software. That's one of the reasons we are always reevaluating our models. If we predict something, and then wait until that something happens, we can see just how close we were to a correct prediction. Then we can adjust the model to make it fit better accordingly increasing what we feel is it's accuracy.

If I have kept excellent fuel consumption records since the first moment I started the car up 10 years ago, and then track those until this very moment, I can get a much better trend to extrapolate (cue xkcd link about extrapolating). If I only know that my car got 25mpg over the previous 100 miles then the confidence level of if I'll get 25mpg over the next 100mi is pretty low. But if I chart that mileage since that fateful day I started it up 10 years ago and every 100mi since that day I have gotten 25mpg, then it is a pretty safe bet that it'll get 25mpg for the next 100mi and the 100 after that and so on until the engine stops functioning as designed. When I travel those next 200mi and I get that data, I'll add it and adjust my trend if necessary.

Comment Re:It's a cult, plain and simple. But not all bad. (Score 1) 330

Thank you for posting that video. I took the time to watch it in it's entirety and feel better for having done so. I see potential for this method in my own life but the video was quite sparse on details on actual implementation. I assume that's in the book. Having been a subject of the tear down method while I was in military boot camp, I can say that while that method does produce results it quickly falls apart because you are taught to rely on your team. If you do not have outside motivation to do something or outside praise then you will just give up. I think that may be why so many have to make a lifetime commitment to places like AA. They HAVE to have thier outside support network ready to help them back up, keep them focused on the goal, and overall motivated to stay the course. The method you pointed out appears to be more focused on training yourself to only rely on yourself. Since my attempts at personal change have ended up less than stellar, I think I'll give this a try. Thanks.

Comment Re:Is everything currency, then? (Score 1) 425

Oh yeah the Fed isn't bound to any particualr type of currency and Saussy didn't try that route. He used the States mandate you refered to. At first he told Tennessee he couldn't pay thier taxes cause the only thing they could demand from him were gold and silver. But then TN (nor any other state) was not allowed to make gold or silver a currency because of whatever law repealed the gold standard (It's been awhile I forgot which one it was). So what he was arguing was a recursion loop. This is all you can do, but then you can't do that either therefore the only possible outcome is to do nothing at all. And there was his flaw. He thought the gov would be "damn you're right, guess we can't tax you" and furthermore he could then extrapolate that decision on up to the Supreme Court to make it stick on a Federal level. We all know though that if a system is stuck in a recursive loop, we aren't simply just gonna let it loop and do nothing. It'll get fixed so it operates as it was intended. As reality and history prove, the IRS is gonna get it's money!

Comment Re:Not quite the right conclusion... (Score 1) 425

Yeah....sure I am.

Let's highlight some of your more recent posts, shall we?

Maybe the Xbox factory is just a front for drugs or something.

Who's nutty?

This is what happens when you let gays in the military

oooooooo now I see who I'm talking to.

I am not the one living in tinfoil-hat conspiracy land.

Oh I see this is a common thread with you

You say the Franklin child prostitution ring was just as bad as the African slave trade, but you fail to account for the millions of children used in alien/human hybrid experiments in the 19th century. I don't know if you are aware that the slave traders were else selling slaves to aliens. There are not any facts available about it because of of massive coverups by the government.


Did these "druggies" actually hurt anybody? I mean besides flipping you off and blocking you in your driveway. It seems that you just didn't like them, and they happened to be a minor inconvenience (not unlike someone playing loud music or just being an asshole), and what they were doing happened to be illegal and you took advantage of that.

Dude, you make a whole lot of posts about weed, always saying you dont smoke it but used to, but dammit for a nonsmoker you sure can't shut the hell up about it.

I'm not a big Ayn Rand fan, but we really are a society of producers and moochers

You aren't a big fan, but a fan nonetheless. I think I found the problem.

Comment Re:Is everything currency, then? (Score 1) 425

I have known for so long now "that it doesn't matter" that I had completely missed it staring right at me. My apathy knows no bounds. I guess that seems to be a symptom of what society in general feels these days. We don't get "shocked" anymore. NSA revelations? we didn't already know. The bankers get off mostly scott free...meh whadda ya gonna do? Guns/SYG/Zimm vs Martin- meh meh meh. Nothing will change. I swear there was a time back in the day I cared but evidently that train left the station when I wasn't looking.

Comment Re:What a clusterf**k. (Score 1) 398

To be honest, I promote such a style of coverage now- I practice it myself. I have insurance through work that is supposed to cover 80% and I am supposed to cover the other 20%+ deductible+ copays+ prescripts+ whatever the hell else they pull out of thier ass. I don't pay anything more than a copay necessary to get my prescription filled and that is only because otherwise they wouldn't give it to me. So if I do go, and luckily I don't have to very often, I just tell them to send me a bill that I promptly throw in the trash. I wasn't originally this way! I had honor and a sense of pride and right and wrong...but continuously getting fucked over by this guy, that gov, bad luck, etc has made me a jaded jaded man. This healthcare system is so horribly broken that in order to fix in now, I believe (and so do many others), that the only way it will get changed is for us to break it apart until it is nonfunctional. As it is now, it half way works for us, but works great for the guys running it. They get rich, we lose our house (due to the bills ask my granny about it!). So I encourage anyone and everyone out there to simply stop paying. Show up when you need it and ignore the bills. I'll get alot of hate for this, especially from you harrar, but I've got karma to burn. You'll claim I'm part of the problem and not the solution but you couldn't be more wrong- I'm gonna fix it, along with all the others who can't afford it, by tearing it down so our gov HAS to build something new. If it sucks too, as the ACA appears to do, then I'll break it too. Call it civil disobedience on a combined corp & gov level. I think I've heard you advocate civil disobedience before. JOIN ME!

Comment Re:What a clusterf**k. (Score 1) 398

The only thing I can think of is that males of a certain age must register for the draft. That's literally all, except now you must also buy insurance

No, you haven't found an exception. Registering for Selective Service doesn't cost you anything. You just sign up and hope you never get drafted. But insurance? Nope that'll cost you real cash. So your original point still stands: They are forcing you to buy a particular product, even if you have "choice" in which company sells it to you. We should have went full on UHC.

Comment Re:What a clusterf**k. (Score 1) 398

What makes you think dropping the req to 10 won't make the cheapskates cut hours even further? My wife works for the Dollar Tree and she only works 12 hours a week! The only persons getting more hours than her are the managers and I don't even think they get 40. They have lots of folks who work only one shift per week. A shift is 4 hours. Being the type of store it is, it requires practically no training whatsoever and they have a high turnover rate. It doesn't bother them at all it seems. They just get more bodies when someone else quits. Even if the law stated that if you had any employees at all, then the companies that already are douchebags will simply not have any employees- they'll all be independent sub contractors like I was way back in my DirecTV days (no bennies, paid cash). If the wording is changed to say "if you are a corporation then"....well then they just won't be corps. They can get around it all. Our system has too many holes and is too corrupt these days. I constantly say "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

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