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Comment Re:Why read newspapers? (Score 1) 178

No difference at all. You say that because the theory goes that if someone is ignorant, then once they are educated they will then be able to make an informed decision. If I am being willfully ignorant, that does not preclude the possibilty of me making a new informed choice once you have educated me yet again. When people say what you just said, what they are really saying is: "Look at all this education I am throwing at you. Why won't you choose MY side?" That is the problem (and it's a good thing) when you educate someone- they may decide to support the side you are against once all those "facts" are brought to light. Someone taking a stance in opposition to you is not actually being willfully ignorant but many (like yourself) will claim it to be.

Comment Re:Rupert Murdoch can die in a hole already. (Score 1) 327

I've listened to an out of work man on the radio raging against unemployment when he self-admittedly was about to lose...

I have no idea what you mean by this statement. The whole tone of the post sounds dark and dismal so in keeping with that spirit, are you suggesting that he was gonna lose everything anyway so he shouldn't be on the radio bitching about it? Without more information you could easily conclude he is losing everything because he was unemployed. It appears to me you are countering that notion. Please clarify.

Libertarian is fine- but you need a strong government or it turns facist or oligarchical (because the powerful and wealthy walk over everyone else without a strong government to stop them).

You contradict your own statement, which is the elephant in the room everyone ignores: In order to make Libertarianism work you must be strong (applies to any gov style really). If you are strong then that means you are powerful and most likely wealthy too (money=power). If the powerful and wealthy "walk over everyone" then a government of powerful and wealthy (strong) people will walk over everyone. You in effect have become the thing you hate. This isn't a political problem regarding which party you side with; this problem exists with any humans in the loop. Were you cheerleading Libertarianism or were you trying to make a point? If it is the latter then I am afraid I failed to grasp it. Now from 2 posts up you stated:

"Your lucky to have a job" "We have flex time, You can work any 80 hours a week you want" and of course also... "Full time is 30 hours a week here, so if you want to survive you better expect to work 60-90 hours a week at three different jobs. Heck- we've paired up with another business to employ you 30 hours a week if you work 30 hours a week here just to make it easy for you."

All of these items you listed are exactly what a mostly Libertarian style of society is gonna get you. So I thought you were against it but then you posted that other bit above. Again, what are you trying to say?

Comment Re:Rupert Murdoch can die in a hole already. (Score 1) 327

Human suffering happens because we are born with so many different competing instincts within us

Ah you and I studied under the teachings of the same philosopher. For those not in the "know", these competing instincts are fear, anger, & hate. The main tenet of this long, long ancient philosophy is: Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. It does not matter what causes the fear- the root cause is the fear and everything else follows. Some may say that being fearful is a path on the side of darkness but being a more practical kind of person, I really think that these hokey notions are no match for a good pistol at your side.

Comment BEWARE OF MOOSE (Score 0) 395

I swam with them in the fjords of Norway

Were you pining for the fjords? Eh, anyway that is the least of your problems. If you had been but a few miles away in neighboring Sweden, BEWARE OF MOOSE. The moose there are notorious for being ornery beasts. As a matter of fact, one time a moose bit my sister. It didn't hurt her too much but they are massive beasts and could have killed her if it had chosen to. I really hope that after all of these years of violent moose attacks, someone has sacked them.

Spread the word! Keep Moose Awareness alive!

Comment Re:High risk (Score 1) 390

Don't think your carb is gonna save you from a runaway vehicle. Stuck throttle linkages happen more often than hacking your car's computer. Carburetors have always been more prone to throttle linkage sticking because they have too damned many linkages. My anecdote: Never once have I had an EFI car get a stuck throttle, wired or drive-by-wire. I have had numerous stickings with my carbs along with breakage of the return spring. Karma be damned but carbs are just garbage. There was a reason they were replaced with EFI.

Comment Whaaaa? (Score 1) 390

I don't even know what you are talking about but I just had to do a double take because what I see is a 5 digit UID named hipster........I guess you were posting to /. before it was cool. Tip of the hat to you sir!

Comment Re:Does FOX have standing? (Score 0) 248

PBS is funded by taxes and therefore commie infiltration into our Great American Homes(tm). In America, Capitalism rules the day so if you ain't making a profit, you ain't shit. PBS was about the only channel I could pick up out in the sticks. My childhood would have been alot less fullfilling without it. I mean seriously, who in 1980's America would have ever gotten to see Dr. Who? without PBS? Red Dwarf too.

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