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Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 1) 512

And they call me a sociopath ...

They do or they don't call you a sociopath? Maybe you're right. Sounds more like schizophrenia.

is, as Nietzsche pointed out, merely

First off, don't [sic] me, boy. You misspelled it first. Secondly, sure you aren't "quoting" it but you're spouting off his ideas which is just as bad.

and your sense of irony is somewhat underdeveloped.

This made me laugh, thanks! I couldn't help but read it in Clark from Good Will Hunting's voice. I know you've probably been doing the irony thing since before it was cool but I've just one thing to say: How do ya like dem apples?

Comment Your first rodeo? (Score 1) 75

Why would you seem surprised that they haven't bothered telling you yet? Is this your first big corporate rodeo? Every company that I have ever worked for never tells us, the workers, shit about what is going. It gets people panicky. They get depressed and lower output. They get pissed off and steal or sabotage equipment. Some even get super pissed and come to work armed for a good old fashioned game of Postal. I have typically always heard about what was happening to me from the news before managment bothered to "officially" annouce it. Your employer will even probably deny it for a week or so until they just can't hide it. But you know what answers you'll get from them when you specifically ask them "Will I be geting laid off?" They'll just say "we just don't know yet," "we have some plans still up in the air so we can't speculate," "we're doing everything we can," and a whole host of other PHB talk. Do you know when you will "officially" find out you're getting the axe? EXACTLY 2 weeks before your layoff date. Not one minute sooner.

Comment Re:Wish I could buy that judge a beer (Score 1) 117

Oh I was just curious if you had gotten bitten by a moose. I've heard those bites can be quite nasti. I had heard of a Swedish guy whose seester had been bitten by a moose and by the way your post was typed, you sounded Swedish.
Ok guy....I can't do it anymore....
It was a Monty Python joke. You earned that whooosh :D

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