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Submission + - Petition for ET's, Rock the Vote! (

MakersDirector writes: "Think you're ready for the truth? Then let's ask the Whitehouse to come clean with it's informational resources from the NSA and CIA to discuss the technology that's available — clones, robotics, alternate realities, time travel, and space travel, now is the time the public deserves to know 'the truth' about why this technology is being suppressed, and trust the public is at a mature enough stage in it's development to handle this. Follow this link and add your 'vote' to the list of those ready for 'the truth'"

Comment imagine.. (Score 0) 325

Imagine a hack that circumvents all security, imagine a hack that 'wraps all' in a bubble of space/time/possibilities'..

Imagine a hack who's 'code' is written in a way that lets it travel on the ENERGY of electrons, freely...

Now you're getting the picture of what it took to become who I am... That's just a start....

Comment No (Score 0) 430

I'll shop from Tanzania, and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And also buy my medical supplies through a holographic replicator, and also buy shoes from Morocco, pants exclusively from Ukraine, and ear plugs from Sweden (I do love club music. but boy do they play a bit too much of it up there, so they must have some world class ear plugs)... I also plan on purchasing pewter dishes from that long lost country, Pewterland, and my Vulcan Mind Meld trainer from the CIA's real base in Namibia (We KNOW you're aliens, and we know Namibia stands for New Agency Men In Black Is Alive).... DC's reconstructed already, they didnt understand Cuba had already been DC once, so their attempts to 'relocate' DC again were thwarted (You're welcome), so now we have a REAL CIA I'll be buying my spy goods from. Furthermore, I'm going back to a paperless paper system, and going to have all my statements sent to me in a hologram, which will seem real, but still be paperless,since it's all electronic. ANd of course, I'll buy the best watch in the world from Switzerland. IT's the Swatch watch, of course. I'll purchase my real dolls, of course, from the US, we do have the most fantastic looking selection of women on the planet, and I'll rotate through them as I usually do. The Stepford Wives aint got nothing on DirectBuy's selection of Prime US grade 'A' female slaves, that's fo sho!

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