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Comment How far is fair to go? (Score 0) 1591

I understand there are bears and all sorts of other dangerous animals in usa requiring people to have rifles. But I still think they can go further, I would say 5rd clips is fair on rifles, make anything that can be considered a rifle single shot only. I.e. hand reloaded, bolt action whatever. 6rds for a pistol is pleanty too. Anything more than that should be police issue, firearms officers etc. All guns must only be accessible by licenced fire-arms owners.

I fully believe they (the US governments) shouldn’t be asking how far they should go, but how far is far enough.

Comment The safe zone. Lets stay there. (Score 1) 134

I’ve been a hard-core gamer since I was 12. In the last few years I have virtually stopped gaming. Why? I’m bored because all the big developers that produce the best quality games have just been selecting from a pool of idea’s that worked before and replicating. There are few places that differ from this. Eve online I think is one, but it’s been doing it’s thing for years. Companies take so long to produce a working game that they stick only to what they know, sitting comfortable in the boundary of what they know. Skyrim is just oblivion, for oblivion see morrow wind. Wow hasn’t changed much since the start, apart from you need to grind for longer. Battlefield, call of duty all the others are doing the same thing they have been doing since the start. Deus ex hasn’t improved since the first one, only the detail, to get the different endings you had an option of buttons, there was no divergence in the story, making choices along the way.

The only thing that gives me any hope is kick starter, maybe there will be a couple of revamps or new games that want to do something different(minor contradiction there), maybe one or two will achieve something before they implode in on themselves.

Comment Squats in the stairwell (Score 1) 1

Honestly there is a lot you can do If you don’t mind people looking at you weird. Honestly though, I doubt you will. Best thing is to get up and wander around a lot. My boss used to pick up a random sheet of paper and wander around the office with it just so he looked like he was busy and not just wandering about. Best thing to do? If someone needs help shifting something, jump up and help, otherwise: Take up a martial art, go practice after work or on lunch in a park. Go to the gym before and or after work.

Comment High precision controllers (Score 3, Insightful) 218

Trust valve to be the first to be putting thought into this. If it’s truly a steam based console, I expect console players to be mixed in with pc players online. If that minor leap of gestimation is correct, they will need high precision controllers to stand any chance of not getting destroyed by much more proficient and accurate pc gamers with keyboards and mice. I will look forward to seeing how this developes.

Comment Best space game (Score 1) 113

It was the best space game, particularly for its time. I just wish it wasn't so dated, If they do even a half decent job at capturing the original and maybe putting in a half-decent story then I'll be more than happy to throw my money at them. I firmly believe though, that they should shun multiplayer until they have at least developed the graphics engine. I would much prefer to see an GREAT single player space game like freelancer than something that turns out more like Eve (says the guy with two eve accounts).

Submission + - Pig Tissue used in surgery (

Noctis-Kaban writes: An interesting piece of local news for me that i thought i would share. There has been stuff about use of Pig tissue for years but I’ve not heard much of it being actively used all the time.

From the Article:
Mr Cawthorn said: "We have had very few complications and [the patients] are very pleased.

"It is now offered as a routine procedure as part of the treatment offered with the plastic surgeons here."


Submission + - Facebook flaw bypasses password protections (

another random user writes: Facebook has moved quickly to shut down a loophole which made some accounts accessible without a password.

The bug was exposed in a message posted to the Hacker News website.

The message contained a search string that, when used on Google, returned a list of links to 1.32 million Facebook accounts.

In some cases clicking on a link logged in to that account without the need for a password. All the links exposed the email addresses of Facebook users.


Submission + - Are Microsoft Group Policy double negatives just accepted now?

Noctis-Kaban writes: I’ve been drilling through the confusing double negative laced minefield that is group policy in server 2k8 recently and I can’t help but think. Being this is still the way it is after many years, have Microsoft just blinkered themselves to improving only that which the end users see, ignoring the problems on the “admin backend" that don’t effect efficiency. Yes this is mainly just a bit of a complaining session but it does beg some questions. For instance, who wrote all the group policy rules? Did they lack basic logic or proof reading skills? Was there a lack of anyone looking over their shoulder to slap them around the back of the head, point to some wording and say “what the hell is this?!”.

But when faced with the 20th setting which states something like “Turn off control panel access, Enable/Disable” I do wonder, will we ever be shot of this archaic lumbering durp?

Submission + - UK ISPs to block more file-sharing websites (

another random user writes: The UK's major internet service providers have been asked to block three more file-sharing websites

The BPI (British Phonographic Industry), which acts on behalf of rights holders, wants ISPs to prevent access to Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents.

The BPI alleges that the sites are illegally distributing music. The ISPs told the BBC they would comply with the new demand, but only if a court order is put in place.

It follows a separate court order in April which saw popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay blocked in the UK.

The biggest ISP, BT, said it was also "currently considering" its options. The letter, which was not intended to go public, was sent to six ISPs last week, namely BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and TalkTalk.

It is understood that the BPI is hoping all three sites will be blocked before Christmas — far more quickly than the process has taken previously.

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