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Comment Re:This topic is relevant to my interests... (Score 1) 91

Anybody else overcome by Alpha Centauri nostaliga at the notion of large, initially hidden, fungus-based communications networks?

If by "overcome" you mean induced to play it until it crashes, no. But I was reminded of it as well.

Ping would probably suck; but there is a lot of (fungal) fiber in the ground.

At least they seem to have working multicast.

Comment Re:And I bet all of it is on Android! (Score 1) 50

Sometimes I do sideload some apps. F-droid installed ad-blocking software come to mind (because Google banned most of it.)

Ad-Away and NoScript Anywhere cover all my needs. Aside from Ti Backup, Ad-Away is about the only thing I actually need to install from anywhere but Google any more. If I want XBMC to work worth a crap, though, I have to sideload that too.

It is a price to pay. Yes, Apple's store has never has had a malware issue, but access to Cydia on newer devices is getting harder and harder to get (due to jailbreaks being rarer and rarer), so I'll take using multiple secure repos and the danger of that over just one store.

Not to mention that nothing is forcing you to use unauthorized markets. You can treat Google just like Apple if you want to.

Comment Re:Borders induced problem? (Score 1) 50

I don'k know a single person that installs apps from some random dodgy website. Or perhaps they do, but just don't admit it. Maybe its much more common with kids who don't have credit cards.

You can find Android warez on sites in Russia easily with Google. It is safe to assume that a percentage of these warez include trojans.

Comment Re:Pity it doesn't work as a peripheral... (Score 1) 341

At that price, the Surface Pro is more or less even with the Wacom stylus-input displays (of similar size, larger ones are substantially more expensive) that don't have a computer attached to them...

No, no it isn't, because it only supports pressure sensitivity. Get back to use when they have angle and rotation support.

A refurb'd Fujitsu T900 is $900 with an i7. That has actual wacom.

Comment Re:no article? (Score 5, Informative) 87

It's basically a toy - less than a foot high, I think - it responds to basic verbal pre-programmed commands. And since it only responds to Japanese and no one up there right now speaks enough to play with it, they will use someone on earth that has already worked with it to communicate over radio.

I'm going to call this more of a stunt than anything else, sorry.

Comment Re:I kind of want to be angry but.. (Score 1) 583

Remember: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety". You're giving up liberty, not even for security, but for a one-off win against a bunch of pedofilic perverts. One-off, because don't think for a second that this will significantly hinder the distribution of kiddie porn, or more importantly, the pornographers (who I agree deserve everything they get). And whenever a government rep mentions "for the children", it's your liberty you should worry about, not your kids.

Comment Again... (Score 4, Funny) 341

Not interested. Won't buy it. No use for it. Wouldn't take one as a door prize if was bacon wrapped, dipped in milk chocolate and came with a free weekend on Martha's Vineyard with Warren Buffet's Gold Card. I'm confident that even if they were pulled back and sent to the crusher, the crusher wouldn't want them either. Ballmer isn't going to learn until losses like this start coming out of his lily white hide. Let the lesson begin...

Comment Re:We are living in interesting times (Score 5, Insightful) 583

Seriously, you think this is about pedophiles? Whenever some politician or law enforcement officer tells you he's after kiddie porn, he is really saying "I can and will do whatever the hell I want to you, your family and your dog, because I have a great excuse to do so". It's also a great way to attack and discredit political opponents or undesirables, as has happened a few times here in Europe: "Well, we couldn't find any offence to pin on him after we arrested him, except for the kiddie porn we found on his computer".

Our rights and freedoms are getting reamed so badly in the name of fighting child pornography, that I sometimes think that legalizing transmission and posession of kiddie porn would be the lesser evil. Think about that for a moment.

Comment It's not about the topic. It's about the bias. (Score 1) 178

FOX, CNN, and MSNBC all cover the exact same topics.

True but not actually the important point. The viewpoint about those topics matters.

You really dont seem to get that this is theater that we are looking at. The exact same topics covered by all three.

What you don't seem to get is that you can cover the same topics with different biases and that the biases matter. Fox News demonstrably has a conservative bias and they "interpret" facts (when they aren't just making shit up) accordingly. Just because they cover the same topic doesn't mean they are presenting the same position or that they have any intention of presenting an unbiased viewpoint. Of course it is theater but unfortunately some people don't realize that and actually are dumb enough to think Fox is not presenting a biased viewpoint. Something north of 90% of Fox News' audience self identifies as republican or republican leaning. Do you seriously think that would be possible if they were presenting an unbiased viewpoint and were just reporting the facts?

Comment Fox News not conservative? (Score 3, Informative) 178

I know that bashing Fox News is a popular opinion. But of the mainstream papers, websites, and news TV stations, it's actually rather moderate.

"Moderate"? Compared to what? There is almost endless evidence that Fox News intentionally presents a staunchly conservative viewpoint and they have an audience to match. It's not even a meaningful debate at this point.

You're just as likely to find a liberal view on a panel segment as you are a conservative one.

Just because they invite some token liberals on to some of the shows doesn't mean their coverage is remotely balanced. Fox News is basically a mouthpiece for the republican party. Name one talking head (ala Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow) on Fox News who is a clear liberal. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Fox News gets its ratings because there are enough liberals and moderates to attract a broad audience.

The audience of Fox News contains a minority of moderates and VERY few liberals. 94% of Fox News viewers self identify as republican or republican leaning. In what universe is that a "broad audience"?

Look at who is buying newspapers now. Extreme right and left wing political donators.

Really? Warren Buffet is an "extreme" political donator?

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