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Submission + - The Avanti Group Hong Kong News Warnings: Europe's factories grow, China's stabi ( 1

stephaniesimmons221 writes: the avanti group hong kong news warnings, Europe’s factories grow, China’s stabilise

LONDON (Reuters) – Europe’s factories delivered more signs last month the region is gradually leaving recession behind, according to business surveys that also eased immediate fears over the health of China’s economy.

Thursday’s purchasing managers indexes (PMIs), surveying thousands of manufacturers worldwide, showed output in British factories surged in July, and industrial activity in the euro zone rose for the first time in two years.

A report on the United States due later is expected to show a modest rate of growth in factories after the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday the world’s biggest economy was recovering but would still need support.

Overall, the European and Chinese PMIs allayed worries the global economy’s mid-year lull will deepen from here, although that view could hinge on how many jobs the U.S. economy – still the global driver – added last month, with the figures due on Friday.

“We’re seeing different trends in different parts of the world, which are to a large extent offsetting each other,” said Andrew Kenningham, senior global economist at Capital Economics in London.

“The euro zone has clearly improved over the last six months or so, and the survey data in July was pointing to more or less flat GDP and possibly some growth in the third quarter.”

“And of course the UK has clearly improved significantly.”

The surveys backed a consensus expecting the European Central Bank and Bank of England to hold policy unchanged later on Thursday, although the latter surprised investors last month with a warning they were pricing in an interest rate hike too soon.

Markit’s UK manufacturing PMI jumped to 54.6 in July from 52.9 in June, trumping even the most optimistic forecast in a Reuters poll of economists and triggering a rise in sterling.

Readings above 50 signify growth.

Brian Hilliard, economist at Societe Generale, noted the fastest rises in new orders and output since February 2011, at 58.2 and 58.0 respectively.

“Just amazing. What’s the need for (Mark) Carney to do anything?” he said, referring to the new BoE Governor. “It’s shaping up for Q3 to be stronger than Q2.”

Markit’s Eurozone manufacturing PMI signalled marginal growth among factories for the first time in two years, also rising to 50.3 in July from 48.8.

It follows a string of promising economic data out of the euro zone, which has wallowed in recession since the end of 2011.

“Manufacturing output rose again in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland during July, while there were welcome returns to growth for France and Austria,” said Rob Dobson, senior economist at PMI compiler Markit.

There were signs the downturns in the euro zone’s most vulnerable economies, like Spain and Greece, are easing too.


In China, the official government factory PMI was a little stronger than expected in July, offering a rare bright spot in an otherwise sluggish Asian manufacturing sector.

Although the China PMI surprised and gave a boost to regional share prices and commodities, it also signalled only a modest pace of growth. A rival report from HSBC was much more gloomy, showing factory activity fell to its lowest in nearly a year.

Elsewhere in Asia, other PMI reports suggested factory output and new orders falling in July in India, South Korea and Taiwan. In Indonesia, a PMI report signalled that output and new orders were holding at similar levels to June.

China’s official PMI rose to 50.3 in July, contrary to expectations that it would fall to 49.9 from 50.1 in June.

“I think the official report does offer a slim hope that the economy is stabilising at least, but it is still a bit early to conclude that things have turned around decisively,” Wei Yao, China economist at Societe Generale in Hong Kong.

The HSBC PMI, compiled by Markit, fell to 47.7 in July, the weakest reading since August 2012, from 48.2 in June. The latest reading matched a preliminary PMI released last week

That focuses more on smaller and private sector companies than the official government PMI.

“We can see the small companies are more affected by the liquidity tension apparently,” said Yao.

Submission + - Surely There Is A Live Human At Apple? (

HotCoder writes: Leaving Money On The Table Is Bad, MMKay?

Could a live human at Apple change my iOS Developer type from Corporate to Individual? My Corporate membership expired well over a year ago. My Board of Directors totally bailed on me. It is not possible for me to register as an individual, after having been previously corporate, despite that corporate registration being long expired, the corporation itself no longer in business.

I've been waiting over two months — when I filed Radar #13926491 — to get Warp Life into the App Store. It's ready to submit the very instant I have a iOS Dev Account!

For no reason I can fathom, it is not possible to get a job of any sort as an iOS developer, unless one has at least one published App. There's no particular requirement that that App not SegVio all the time; perhaps no one ever checks. I'd love nothing more to work as an IOS Developer where I live right now. The Pearl District of Portland Oregon is up to its eyeballs in iOS shops, but until I can get that one first App into the App Store, no one will reply to my mail.

In My Honest Opinion, if one cannot build then test iOS source code, one has no business whatsoever hiring an iOS coder. Commonly I offer my source — there are no trade secrets — but no. It makes no sense, but really it is that bad.

I often find serious problems with Apple's web applications, and I do file Radars against them. Apple's web coders must not read their own BugBase.

I worked for Apple on two different occasions. You'll find a whole bunch of Radars I either opened or closed. It was not this way when I worked there. Apple's quality has been totally decimated in the last five years.

When the money keeps rolling in...

Submission + - Here's why PBS, the most trusted American public institution, won't do Android

bogaboga writes: You might be wondering why this American institution PBS, doesn't have a compelling Android footprint. I was wondering too; until they provided the answer. I have read their missive and I am left wondering whether they didin't find support for various screen sizes on Android developer website. Are their concerns legit? What company has developed Android applications that are a beauty to work with on various screen sizes? How can we debunk this stereotype about Android?

Comment Power? For who? (Score 4, Interesting) 122

This is all about marketing power, and using devs as mouthpieces. Devs are always either agreeing or arguing, with the new ones either lapping up anything the older ones say or dissing them as crotchety and set in their ways. The only selling I see going on is on what resources to use and which to ignore, and there are always a basket of opinions going in different directions depending on which site you're on at the moment. If someone can find a way to milk them as a group, beyond, you know...developing stuff, then go for it, but to say they are king makers is a bit of a virtual stretch. Any marketer will see them as just another group.

Submission + - Hacking Group Linked to Chinese Army Caught Attacking Dummy Water Plant ( 4

holy_calamity writes: MIT Technology Review reports that APT1, the China-based hacking group said to steal data from U.S. companies, has been caught taking over a decoy water plant control system. The honeypot mimicked the remote access control panels and physical control system of a U.S. municipal water plant. The decoy was one of 12 set up in 8 countries around the world, which together attracted more than 70 attacks, 10 of which completely compromised the control system. China and Russia were the leading sources of the attacks. The researcher behind the study says his results provide the first clear evidence that people actively seek to exploit the many security problems of industrial systems.

Comment I was involved (Score 1) 196

As someone responsible to approve contracts between African govts. and one if the two major telecoms in China, I can tell you, yes, the country is being (has been since 2005) wired. The Chinese are following the Japanese model, where you build the communications infrastructure so you can know who is doing what logging, mineral and transportation work, etc., thereby providing your countries' vendors and early place in line with the local government when it's time to bid. It doesn't hurt to loan money to those govt. agencies. with strings tied to spending inside your country as part of that process.

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