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Comment Re:The problem with averages (Score 1) 589

I don't think it matters what you study or how good you think your engineers are. The thought it rather simple - unless you have unlimited defensive ammunition, why couldn't a country just have all of its missiles go on a narrow path over missile defenses to where they become depleted of countermeasures and then go in for the kill.

Comment Re:Tech time lines (Score 1) 179

The first key is knowing what you actually have to do, and knowing what else will be competing for your time. So let's say you estimate a component will take 8 hours of programming to do. Well don't assume that it will be done in a day. You have some break time in there, emails to answer, possibly a meeting, so 8 hours of work will likely take you closer to 11 or 12 to actually accomplish. After that - just keep guessing by writing stuff down and comparing actuals with estimates. My rule of thumb for myself is take how long I think I could do the project in, assuming nothing comes up to block it. Now double it. And add an extra half of the original estimate. That is usually in-line with the final product for me, but that does assume nothing else comes up.

Comment Re:Been happening for hundreds of years. (Score 1) 544

Take the fallen wages into context however. In the 50s somewhere around 15% of gross household income was spent on food, now it is closer to 4%. Goods and services that people buy now cost LESS than they used to. I can buy a supercomputer (read smartphone) for what someone on minimum wage earns in a couple weeks. 30 years ago, how expensive was a computer? Also look at what has happened, China and India now have a middle class. The wealth isn't being horded by a few 1%ers (although they are doing very well), but it is shifting into new countries.

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