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Submission + - What's hidden under Greenland ice?

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Ice has covered Greenland for millions of years. So what's hidden under this ice cap? Mountains and valleys? Rivers and lakes? Of course, we might know it sooner than we would have liked if the ice covering Greenland continues to melt. But researchers from Ohio State University have decided that they wanted to know it next year and have developed a radar to reveal views of land beneath polar ice. Their first tests of this new radar, which helps them to catch 3-D images of the ground under the ice, took place in May 2006. The next images will be shot in April 2007. Here are some images of the new GISMO device and what it can do."
United States

Submission + - U.S. Censoring ThePirateBay?

An anonymous reader writes: I just tried to go to the bittorrent site, "", and timed out, repeatedly.

Now this isn't unusual in itself, but since I reside in the U.S., I got to wondering.

Proxied through "TOR" and thepiratebay came up just fine. No proxy, still no connect.

tcptraceroute to thepiratebay times out.
tcptraceroute to the node immediately before thepiratebay works fine.

All symptoms are that the U.S. is censoring access. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Anonymized for obvious reasons!

Submission + - Ancient ice shelf breaks off from island

CDMA_Demo writes: "Several new websites are reporting that The Ayles, an ancient ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has broken off from Ellesmere Island. FOX News says: "The collapse was so powerful that earthquake monitors 155 miles away picked up tremors from it." Climate change is being blamed by scientists for the first such event in 30 years. (Amazing that Slashdot doesn't have a subsection on environment)."

Lost Gmail Emails and the Future of Web Apps 273

brajesh writes "Recently some people lost all their Gmail emails and contacts. The problem seems to be contained and fixed, but this incident shows how far are we in terms of moving all communication online on services like Gmail for your domain(beta). Will it ever be possible to do away with desktop solutions like Outlook and Thunderbird? Given the nature of the internet, will it ever be possible to truly move to an 'online desktop'?"
Media (Apple)

Submission + - NYT Reports Apple's Exoneration

heyitsgogi writes: "The New York Times is reporting that Apple has cleared Steve Jobs of any wrongdoing. From the article:
In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple said that while its investigation revealed that the company's stock option procedures "did not include sufficient safeguards to prevent manipulation," Mr. Jobs did not benefit financially from any questionable stock awards. As a result of the internal investigation, Apple said it would record $84 million in expenses related to the options awards.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Could YouTube be the killer-app for Apple's iTV?

mrspin writes: "With Macworld Expo just over a week away, many expect Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce further details (and the availability) of the company's yet to be released set-top-box, codenamed iTV. Powered by something similar to Apple's Front Row media center software, the iTV is designed to get the media content that's housed on a Mac (music, movies, and photos), streamed to the living room television. However, with its built-in wireless networking (suspected to be the faster 802.11n), why not bypass the Mac and have the iTV connect directly to the internet? The combination of iTunes and DRM-free MP3s provided the 'killer app' for the iPod. YouTube could well do the same for Apple's soon-to-be released set-top box."
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux for small organizations

chris1646 writes: Currently we are a small organization that is entirely a Windows shop. Next year much of the server and desktop hardware we run will need replacing. I am looking for creative ways to introduce Linux as my desktop and server OS of choice, however a couple of our core applications run exclusively on Windows. Has anyone had any success hosting Windows applications via terminal server while using Linux as the client OS? Has anyone handled a AD to open source LDAP migration?

Submission + - Microsoft sends free Vista notebooks to bloggers

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has crossed the line by giving high-profile bloggers free notebooks loaded with Vista, according to This initiative will be prove to be damaging for Microsoft. No doubt we'll all still buy Vista, but we'll just be a little more suspicious about how Microsoft conducts itself as a corporate citizen.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - MS Extends XBOX360 Warranty

Jaider26 writes: "According to: nology/2003490604_webxbox22.html, Microsoft has "fessed up" about some issues, and extended all XBOX360 warranties (future and past) to 1 year. Some may think they are concerned about the lame PSUs, or console issues, but I think that the pending lawsuit may have caught their attention more."

Submission + - Dell 3007WFP-HC 92% Color Gamut 30" LCD Tested

Spinnerbait writes: "Dell's UltraSharp 3007WFP has historically earned high marks as a high-end 30" panel but recently Dell has made some upgrades to the big, beautiful beast. If you're in the market for something huge, this article at HotHardware that shows Dell's new UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC might be of interest. Not only does this monitor feature a gigantic 30" panel with a native resolution of 2560x1600, but it also features ultra high 92% color gamut capability based on new backlighting technology that is currently one of the industry's best. Most other desktop LCD monitors feature a 72% to 76% color gamut. TheUltraSharp 3007WFP-HC is going to be somewhat expensive, and at first will only be available with the purchase of an XPS system. Word is general availability will come in February. Drool...."

Submission + - Cocotron Builds OS X Apps on Windows

iluvcapra writes: "Cocotron today released their MIT-licensed re-implementation of the Mac OS X Foundation and AppKit frameworks, which together form the dynamic libraries and resources that form the Cocoa environment on Mac OS X. In simple terms, this means a developer can write a program in Objective-C on Mac OS X with Xcode, and as long as he uses Cocoa widgets and objects, he can cross-compile a Windows version of his application; a bit like WINE in reverse. Here is a screenshot of TextEdit running on OS X beside TextEdit running on Windows."

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