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Comment Re:Not to be pedantic (Score 1) 173

yes. the prevailing conjecture seems to be at odds with a little einsteinian problem: no absolute rest, no absolute velocity. so what is expanding at that rate with respect to what? if they said the 'edge of the observable universe' then it would have meaning, but since there is a limit of observable range due to the fact that beyond a certain distance from the observer (us), a galaxy or quasar would be receding at a cumulative rate greater than the speed of light, and hence, exits the observable universe relative to our vantage point. thus, unless we are at the center of the universe - highly unlikely - then the observable universe is a subset of the total universe. so we really have no way of knowing the actual size of the universe, or whether it's infinite, in which case, saying it's expanding at a certain rate has no meaning at all.

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