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Comment cookies are OK (Score 1) 108

I don't have any problem with a site wanting to use cookies, and putting them on my computer. What I do have a problem is when a site "reads" information (cookies/history/etc.) and sends that info up the chain. That is what should be banned. "They" have no right reading anything on my computer w/o my consent.

Comment performance concerns? (Score 2) 210

based on your topology you have described, the last thing you need to worry about is what file system to choose, since you have decided to host ALL tasks on a single server. if performance was an issue, you would separate them all to dedicated "farms" and if security is a factor (which it should be), none of them would be in the DMZ, only your proxy(s) would live there.

Comment Re:So fucking what? (Score 1) 349

You think they Crush BB? Really? BB reads the GAL, live, no need to add/sinc contacts, as everyone in the org is already there. Public folders anyone? Home grown corporate apps, only BB can do this, everyone else requires "app store submission". BB hits the internal network, so opening intranet sites, SharePoint, etc, does not work on anything but BB. Remote wipe, easy as pie, user got a new BB, gen and send a new pin, easy as pie. Virtual Private encrypted and optimized network, yep, that's BB only. Android is a nightmare, some work some don't, others need TouchDown or something similar. Who knows who is reading all your corp data with crap like that. BB owns the corporate space, all the rest are limited to active sync capabilities. Can you say "android hack" or "android virus"? yep! You do know Google and Apple read all your communications to target you with ads right? BB don't do that!. BB is a tool, all else are toys.

Comment Commercial NOT Consumer (Score 1) 510

Hey everybody, the question was about COMMERCIAL drives, NOT consumer drives. You want reliability, you want SLC. No enterprise in their right mind would rely on MLC in production critical environment. Stop giving the original poster advice about consumer crap! Please?

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