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Comment Re:Personal Experience (Score 1) 248

At the university I go to, I recall a computer architecture teacher that used handouts/slides from when the Pentium 4 was the highest-end CPU available and some introductory programming classes that used 16-bit Turbo Pascal (so the students that were using a 64-bit OS - most of them, those days - were screwed) or non-.NET Visual Basic. Kinda says something about their CS program.

Comment Re:Why keep it going? (Score 1) 150

Don't be silly, Dell isn't that bad. They make some very nice laptop hardware, for instance. I just got an Inspiron, for instance, that's nicer than the Thinkpad I had at my last job.

I have a Dell XPS 15 (the only laptop with a non-1366x768 display I could find here in Brazil - the other choices would be from Apple, whose Brazilian operation is known for overpricing stuff, or gamer stuff which I don't need/want).

Not much to complain about it, really: almost everything worked out-of-the-box on Linux (except for the 'hybrid graphics' bullshit which requires a little hacking to get going, and the card reader - which I don't use that much - which won't automount until you run a command, then it works until the next reboot).

Of course, YMMV, the plural of anecdote isn't data, yada yada yada.

Comment About 1.5 TB (Score 1) 172

The important stuff: around 40 GB (photos, [home]work, repos, the /home I have had since forever etc...). The rest (music, videos, games I have bought, etc...) can be re-ripped/downloaded if needed - even though this would be a major chore. Haven't used a CD/DVD in quite a while: external hard drives (even an old HDD in a case) become more convenient for storing not-very-useful data.

Comment Re:Pardon? (Score 1) 231

Just because next year your country will legalize having sex with sheep, cows, babies, and any small creature that moves doesn't make it right today, ( or tomorrow for that fact).

Slippery slope anyone?

Comment Re:oh boy ! (Score 1) 391

We are walking towards the same situation in Brazil: every new law pushes for higher salaries, as long as they are for politicians or judges, and other ways of keeping our bloated government fed. No matter who you vote for: they all stink and won't move a finger to make things slightly less sucky.

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