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Comment probabilities. FaceTuring does none for returning (Score 2) 81

If the earlier checks suggest it's likely to be a bot, use a harder captcha to double check. If it's likely to be a human, use an easier captcha as confirmation.

If the system is pretty sure it's a returning user, FaceTuring doesn't require a captcha at all. I don't know if recaptcha ever goes as far as not requiring the captcha at all.

Comment Not inconvenient 99.99% of the time, your info (Score 1) 188

> Making doing business with you inconvenient for me: -10.

9,999 out of 10,000 people will never see anything from the scrubbing. When / if you've purchased things online, have you noticed we're geoip matching against the CC address? Probably not.

For most people, the only time you'll ever notice is when you either get an authorized charge from someone who didn't do anything to confirm
who is using your card, or get a call letting you know that likely fraud was detected.

> I'll buy from the other guy.

I understand that TRENDnet makes zero effort at security, leaving their IP cameras wide open for anyone to watch your home.
I bet they also make no effort to protect your credit card from fraudulent charges, so you may want to shop with them.
For myself, I'm glad that for credit cards, "the other guy" is most likely using the exact same fraud scrubbing system.
As an example, 80% of paid subscription sites use the same scrubbing on the backend, and 40% of paid subscription sites use
the same front end security to make sure it's actually you logging into your account (specifically, they use our system on the front end).

Comment gun and ammo easily built at hardware store (Score 1) 279

It's easy to make the ammo (and the gun) from readily available materials found at your local hardware store.

The garden department has the three ingredients for black powder and the plumbing department has most of the rest . A few items like springs come from the hardware section.

Ammo is short piece of copper tube from plumbing, filled with black powder mixed in gardening, topped with whatever little chunk of metal - a short hex bolt would do fine.

Comment not new, and a little more complex. CVV2, etc. (Score 2) 188

If you're asking that something be shipped to Toronto and you want to charge someone living in Florida, that's -3 points. If you enter the CVV2 from the back of the card, that's +3 points and they balance out.

If you've had prior transactions at least 90 days ago that weren't disputed, that's +2 points. Using an OPEN proxy -4. Business CC +1.

Depending on the value of the transaction, it could be immediately approved, you could be asked for more information, or the merchant could manually check and approve or decline. For example, the merchant can ask for the bank phone number that's also printed on the back off the card.

Comment submitter told you how to check it yourself (Score 4, Insightful) 250

TFA painstakingly explained how you can check it yourself. I'm sure several people will, including enough people that I trust enough. Especially given that there is zero evidence of a backdoor. Nobody is claiming there is a backdoor, so it's a question if yyou trust the testers more than you trust - nobody.

Comment or, it's hard to read and understand every patent (Score 1) 162

> The fact that multiple conflicting patents exist for the same invention means either:
> 1: The patent lawyers who "honestly" did the patent search are incompetent, or,
> 2: The patent lawyers who did the patent search did not do it honestly

3: They missed one. It's kind of hard to read and fully understand every patent ever issued and how it might relate to your client's invention.

Comment no, we're talking about billing models (Score 1) 568

This is a discussion about billing models.
If my 6GB of usage is billed at $50 flat or $10 + $10 / GB. It really has nothing to do with the physical medium used to connect. It applies to cable internet, phone line DSL, satellite, and fiber.

No matter which kind of wire is used, they can offer 10 GB for $X and 100GB for $Y, or unmetered for $Z.

Comment yes, 3. Dems controlled house, senate, presidency (Score 1) 144

Yes, people see that since the republicans took the house in 2011 after the 2010 election they haven't been real cooperative.

Some people also realize nothing got done for the years that Obama had his own democrats in charge of the house and senate.

A few people remember that Reagan got things done while the opposing party controlled both house and senate.

Comment in case you believe that (Score 1) 144

You're probably just propagandizing, but in case you believe that:

What that's showing you is that 3% if the population have used up their benefit. They are still unemployed, they just aren't getting benefits anymore. In 2008, 66% of the population was either working or eligible for umployment. 2013, 63% are - 3% have either used up their two years of unemployment benefits or simply given up.

7.2% are getting unemployment benefits, 3% are no longer eligible = 10.2% real unemployment.

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