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Comment politicizing the federal budget (Score 3, Insightful) 52

Whoever complained that this is "politicizing the federal budget" loses. I didn't pay attention to which side said that, but if that's the best argument you have, clearly you have nothing. Yes, deciding how to spend OUR money is a political process, and always has been. If you're position requires pretending that isn't the case, you're obviously living in fairy tale land.

Comment bandwidth delay product (Score 1) 401

Aside from the general rule that newer, faster network equipment tends to be faster, there's also the bandwidth delay product. The bandwidth delay product means that as bandwidth increases, it high latency tends to cost the ISP money.

Assume you have a 1mbps link and a 100mbps link.
Let's say they both have latency of 100ms. If you're pushing 1mbps and there is 100ms worth "in the pipe", that's 0.1mb stored in the router queues. At ten times the throughput, 100ms of data is ten times as much data stored in very expensive Cisco routers at any given time.

Comment Data suggests only suck so bad since 2000, 14 year (Score 1) 382

> Why do all our leaders suck?????

Everyone has their own opinions, of course, but looking at both objective and subjective data such as economic growth, approval ratings, etc. it looks like the suckage started in 2000. Economic growth crashed from 8% to 0.3%, and the president's approval rating went from 57 to 39.

There's certainly hope that we can get another Kennedy/Reagan/Eisenhower* next time. Maybe if we try to choose based on COMPETENCE rather than just whoever most extremely mirrors our favored ideology.

* (Not an actual Kennedy of course, the good one is dead. HW Bush / Bush Jr. should have taught us something about electing a guy because he was related to a decent president.)

Comment Here's a list of reasons. 100 years ago, car compa (Score 2) 382

Basically, 100 years ago the big mean car companies were sometimes mean to local dealers. Here's a list of things dealers claimed that manufacturers did, as codified in New York law:

If the car dealer fought back, the manufacturer would either a) threaten to open a new dealership next door or b) stop delivering cars to the dealership.
Like laws that force companies to work with unions, these laws force manufacturers to work with local dealers. If the manufacturer cut off the dealer's sales they'd be cutting off their own sales too.

This grew out of earlier laws that said you had to be licensed to be a car dealer, much as real estate agents are licensed. It was easy enough to tack on the sentence "manufacturers can't be licensed as dealers".

Comment Dems had both houses. Reagan led with Dem majority (Score 1) 382

> "Oh, I agree and am as passionate about (insert topic here) as you are, but that do-nothing congress, well, sorry but we can't do much..."
> It's not that it's Obama's fault but I find the whole thing disingenuous at best, similar to his campaign messages* that got everyone excited enough to vote for him.

It's not his _fault_ on a moral level, but I'd argue that it his ineffectiveness. From 2009-2011 the Democrats controlled the house, the Senate, and the Presidency. They got darn little accomplished. The dems didn't even pass a budget when they were in full control of everything.

On the other hand, Reagan had the leadership skills to get stuff done with the democrats controlled the house, and therefore the purse strings.

Comment That worked for Clinton, only non-suck president (Score 4, Informative) 382

The only president of the last twenty years who is generally considered to have been reasonably good is Clinton. What did Clinton do? Not much. Pretty much, he entered the White House during a time of economic growth and got a blowjob. For that (doing nothing) he's considered to be better than Bush Jr. or Obama. Before Clinton, George HW Bush wasn't bad and what did he do? Domestically, pretty much nothing. He was all foreign policy - START I, Noriega, beginning NAFTA.

Obama's legacy probably would be better if he'd play even more golf, throw another blowout party, and stop messing with the country.

Comment To answer that, the Republicans voted repeal (Score 2) 749

> We really can't tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans.... This sounds so Bush-like...

So you can know the difference on this issue, the Republicans voted to repeal the law. The law generates negative net revenue, costing more to administer and enforce than it brings in. Generally speaking, Republicans are against burdensome taxes, taxes that only cost money and don't increase revenue. That's more of a Democrat thing.

Comment spoiled, wasteful. 2000X as much RAM as Arduino (Score 2) 202

Get off my lawn, ya spoiled brat. The Pi has 2000 times as much RAM as the Arduino Uno, a million times as much as a Picaxe.

It really isn't necessary to run Windows 8 for embedded^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H any applications. You can run a full operating system with a GUI, web browser, and onboard server in 8 MB. How much more do you need?

Comment Hmm, decimal in the wrong spot, or 10 MPH bullet? (Score 1) 188

I have to wonder if while trying to include everything in your calculations you misplaced an decimal or something, because 18 seconds is about NINE times as long as a quick estimate comes up with:

> System target distance is 1.2 miles. [6200 feet]
> Maximum effective range is around 6300 feet. ...
> muzzle velocity 3000 f/s,

6200 feet / 3000 feet per second = two seconds, at muzzle velocity

To get 18 seconds, the average velocity must therefore be almost 90% less than muzzle velocity. Average around 300 fps? That's just 200 mph AVERAGE. To start at 3000 fps and average 300 fps, the terminal velocity would be around 15 fps, or 10 MPH. I'm pretty sure a .50 round impacts the target at a velocity higher than a brisk walk.

Comment Re:Thanks for the detail (Score 1) 389

Putting aside feasible vs reasonable, etc., I think you've made your case quite well, as well as anyone could have. Based on my prior research, I was under the impression that photovoltaic simply wouldn't, couldn't ever happen other than special situations like a research station in the middle of nowhere, or some very low power applications. You've changed my view somewhat, which means something after all the research I've done. It appears street prices in 2014 are significantly lower than "national average" prices reported in studies from 2012. Thanks for the information.

Thanks also for your intellectual honesty. You started by saying I was full of shit about pumped storage, then when I "showed my work" you acknowledged that perhaps I was right. Few people have the intellectual honesty, or intellectual integrity, to do that. I admire and appreciate that.

Comment read-only OS doesn't execute random files (Score 1) 62

Suppose you have nastyshit.exe in your documents folder. How is it going to get executed? At boot, by a registry entry? Nope, because all the boot stuff, including the registry, is read-only. How did it get there in the first place? Not from malware resident on the system, because the system is read-only.

Comment only have two seconds (Score 1) 188

>. bullet waits to find it's tracking laser at the remote point, the bullet would have to be able to handle dramatically different angles, and know where the spotter is I would think), someone closer in could more easily track movement or switch targets on the fly.

That sounds more like a job for a drone loitering overhead. A .50 round will be in the air for less than two seconds.

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