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Comment but the crooks said all that encrypted data must b (Score 1) 216

But Google CAN'T be encrypting a lot of data and rolling out SSL on all of their services.

Just last night here on Slashdot the crooks informed us that while "3 strikes" laws reduced torrent traffic, all those stolen movies and software must have moved to SSL. The increased SSL traffic can't be because the #1 internet company in the world expanded it's use of SSL. It HAS to because penalties for unlawful actions dont work. That's what fits the storyline they want to tell!

Comment because they are ALL hiding their 50TB, AC says (Score 1) 195

4TB, I believe. AC's conspiracy theory is that all the drive companies have had 50TB drives they've been hiding. Since most of them have been driven out of the hard drive business, I guess they were so committed to the conspiracy that they'd rather fold than get rich selling huge drives.

Such is the logic of the left-wing nutjob conspiracy theorists. Damn the NSA for making them right about something. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Comment I walked by the Tesla store in Houston this weeken (Score 2) 688

This past weekend I walked by the Tesla store in Houston. I guess one of their employees got a dealer's license or something. I know two people with dealer's licenses, one owns a small dealership and the other sells a few cars a month from his front yard, so I guess it's not THAT big of a deal.

Comment we're screwed (Score 1) 133

Draconian means cruelly severe, after Draco, who specified death and dismemberment for minor offenses we'd have fines for.

Are you really SO spoiled, SO entitled, that you think EVENTUALLY slowing down your high speed internet because you refuse to respect the rights of others is the same as someone having their head chopped off? I didn't know such spoiled brats actually existed, not THAT spoiled.

Comment slower internet if you KEEP stealing. Draco? (Score 1) 133

Look up Draco sometime. You just said that slower internet for the third offense is the same as the death penalty on the first offence. Or did you mean that having your internet service turned off for a few months is equalivent to having your eye removed?

You could, you know, stop stealing after you get caught twice.

Comment lol. "it reduced piracy, but we'll ignore that" (Score 2) 133

TLA says:
  "suggests some ongoing shift in user behavior, and likely some net reduction in infringement," Giblin said. However, the research noted that [when everyone e found out the NSA was watching their traffic] encrypted HTTPS increased.

They are assuming that all / most https traffic is piracy. Much more likely, as sites like Google start using https more, and people find out the NSA is watching, people have been using https for routine web traffic.

You can legitimately say that you don't like copyright. Fine. You could almost make a coherent argument that programmers, record producers, and videographers should all work two jobs, one to eat and one (for free) to give you free shit. Kinda silly, but that's at least cogent. When you start saying "it doesn't reduce infringement, and here's the evidence - our study shows that it does, but we wish it didn't, therefore it doesn't" - at that point you've just gone off the deep end and are making yourself look like a complete nutjob.

Comment they'd need root on EVERYBODY'S system (Score 1) 472

Issues originating from can and have been seen and fixed because each of the thousands of developers has their own copy and sees all changes. An attacker would need root access to everybody's desktops, or at least they'd need to know who might be interested in that area of the kernel and root those developers machines.

Comment Good point, not the best example (Score 1) 472

You have a point, Red Hat does a LOT more development than Canonical, so maybe that's not the best example.
Offhand, I don't know what the BEST example is. I think you get the point, though. I've just been reading about the different options for caching disk devices on Flash and I noticed the three developers of different implementations, and the fans of the three implementations, assisted in pointing out weaknesses in competing implementations.

Comment Binary blobs are bad, IOMMUs are good. (Score 1) 472

Binary blobs are bad, m'kay. No argument there. However, IO-MMUs like VT-d, which is used by Core i* processors, seem to be a pretty strong protection. The approach is simple and therefore should be robust, and it directly handles the root issue, rather than trying to band-aid the symptom as Microsoft Security Essentials and similar do.

It is my understanding that DMA address space is assigned at runtime, but it's allocated at boot time, meaning a device can't gain access to memory not allocated for DMA at boot time. Memory management isn't "my thing", though, the storage stack is, and to some extent early boot is my thing. What you're talking about is handled by the memory management people.


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