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Comment Re:Is this necessary? (Score 1) 321

As someone else pointed out, Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment was a paradox meant to illustrate the absurdity of the Copenhagen interpretation. (Much like the antinomies in set theory that were meant to show basic flaws in the theory)

That is to say, only an idiot would take it seriously. Including these idiots of scientists who are trying to apply the said paradox and the people who comment on it as if the Copenhagen interpretation was correct.

And let's not forget hordes of moronic professors who teach the Copenhagen interpretation as if it were some kind of received wisdom. That's how smart the average population is. Not much.

The slightly smarter person would reckon that, the Copenhagen interpretation does not make any sense, and there is no such magical event as a wave-collapse. That is why, people are trying to find more scientifically plausible interpretations of QM.

Comment Qvirus (Score 1) 321

I just hope they don't call it the qvirus. Please. Don't do it!

Next you'll have is biologists who will invent the field of quantum biology (which already exists, but forget about it for the fun of the moment), and claim that it is about harnessing the biological variety of parallel universes.

And then presumably, head back to the church of scientology.

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