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Comment Yet another piece in the domino falls (Score 1) 119

I for one shall watch with grim satisfaction as Vladimir Putin, the Supreme Leader engages in yet another "Because I say so" rule.

Looking forward to the return of the good old days when people were willing to risk their lives to escape the chilling embrace of mother Russia.

*plays old soviet army "hits"*

Men, you are serving Vladimir Putin. No other army in the world can make that statement, think about it...

Comment Reasonable doubt (Score 2) 451

If the police are already in the house, searching, do they not need a warrant for that or were they invited in? If there is reasonable doubt why should the police not be perfectly within their rights to use a dog with a nose for drugs? after all, these dogs get it right the vast majority of the times. This was not some draconian misuse of power. the police were not abusing some guy because they thought he had a joint. A suspected drug dealer it says. Turns out he is a drug dealer that is now trying his best to get off on a technicality. Police also use sniffer dogs in public places to search for bombs as well as drugs and really, most of them give a great public service for yous and mine.

Comment Free us from thinking! (Score 1) 143

Dear Facebook,

Thank you for this. I've often felt a bit lost when people should be told they are annoying. Now that you have cemented this in code aspies everywhere will finally be able to know EXACTLY when a person is annoying and by definition when they are annoying.

I do hope that all future messages, tweets, pokes, posts, nods, winks and obscene gestures will be filtered via Facebook in the future, for posterity.

Perhaps we could go into business together. My registered patent is a bit similar but involves slapping people in the face when they piss me off by. Naturally to demonstrate this we'd have to meet in person, with the creators of this pokes per hour epiphany. You know, genius to genius.

Comment Uhm (Score 2) 152

I started off writing this with; "While I have great respect and admiration for Linus I seriously doubt that having one unilateral "decision maker" is an advantage..."

After some thought it turned into; "Sure there is always a slow-down due to additional debate when there is more than one person at the helm however, when they reach a consensus and fail they will not be able to pinpoint the guilty party.

I guess what I'm saying is that if you have a wagon and that's pulled by 10 horses that's great, as long as they all pull in the same direction.

Comment Rise of encrypted net (Score 1) 89

Given widespread surveillance, by law or otherwise it will and has driven people to encrypt all traffic. My traffic is like my mail. You cannot look into every letter just because you suspect copyright infringement. You need a court order allowing you to pry into my mail. I do not like people reading my mail, even if I am only wishing my mother happy birthday. It's none of your business. Encrypt your mail/communications. Private means private. I rent a mail service from my ISP, to deliver the friggin mail, not to read it at the behest of greedy, ignorant bastards.

Comment Multi-layered security (Score 1) 69

It's these sort of things that make you paranoid about the world+dog having access to everything. If it's not outright surveillance it's accidental. If not by design then by lack of design. A bug, a user error, a missed setting, a weak password etc. *puts on tin foil hat* Screw this, I'm going somewhere, underground, without electricity or things that need it. Log that.

Comment Censorship (Score 1) 678

The reasons for censorship are irrelevant.

Eventually there will be more and more censorship of the internet, it's already happening and cannot be stopped.

In truth that battle for "internet freedom" is a pointless fight. Like all censorship it will never be absolute, it will always fail.

People will always find ways around censorship. If I cannot speak my mind on your site, I will go elsewhere.

Of course I would argue that if you cannot bear to read thoughts which go completely against your beliefs it should not be me that has to make a change. If we were neighbors, which on the internet we might as well be because distance becomes less relevant for the purposes of communication, would I have to be considerate? of course. Would you have to respect my rights? you bet.

To my Saudi Arabia neighbors I can only say that if you don't like the neighborhood, move away. No one is forcing you to use the internet, facebook etc.

Comment HTC barked up the wrong tree (Score 1) 209

While they are still making profit, unlike nokia, I believe they have gambled on the wrong feature. I love my HTC One X, but seriously, who makes use of a quad 1.5Ghz CPU in a phone? True, this is not a server chip, but I'm pretty sure a dual core would have been more than sufficient.

In my opinion it would make more sense to have sleeker user interface features, more battery life and or better camera etc.

So between the software lock-in "features" of IOS & the superior implementation and marketing of Samsung the third player loses because they are competing for the same segment.
Who knows, maybe windows will save it. At least it will be different and not easily comparable. A different quality product would not necessarily compete for the same customers.
Give us usability, cross device sync, larger than 2GB file support, playback of popular .mkv formats, give us the option to remove "features" we do not want...the list goes on, there is real room to innovate here, if there wasn't why are there so many mods for android out there?

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 273

Unlimited storage for $5/mo? I have to get on this shit.

Website says $3.96/m for unlimited data. Something tells me this business model will not survive without some serious bandwidth limitations. After all, if you upload is limited to 100mb then you ability to (non commercially) fill Terabytes of data is limited.

Comment You know... (Score 5, Interesting) 81

Richard Stallman, often considered a nutcase, once said that he won't use a cell phone because he does not want to be tracked.

Whether by design, by accident or by the nature of the device, the fact is you can be tracked. Of course I don't care about that, because I have nothing to hide...then again what will this information be/is used for? big brother stuff, of course not!? Naturally, it's all just a big misunderstanding.

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