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Comment Re:Cheap (Score -1) 458

here's the dealio, yo. you have failed to offer any evidence to your assertion that Wikileaks accomplished anything of consequence in exposing US govt misdeeds to the american public. instead, like a coward, you have resorted to cruel and derogatory statements. i denounce you and your twisted world view. it is no world view of mine, and I will not devote further mental resources to this conversation. my only hope is that assange will be apprehended and returned to US for justice.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score -1) 458

ok... what' i'm looking for here is a bulleted list of specific damning revelations that came to light through wikileaks. Items that I should be legitimately outraged about. For example, I am outraged by PRISM. that is an outrageous thing. but was there anything from wikileaks like that? I await your reply.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score -1) 458

i appreciate your sentiments... but for reals, what specific government misdeeds did wikileaks reveal that should shock me or make me lose faith in my govt? not a rhetorical question, which items of note were exposed? I cannot remember a single notable thing in this regard.

Comment Re:Wrong by law (Score -1) 601

you don't know that the chinese knew, and the terrists didn't guess because US stopped 50+ terror attacks. Also now it hurts our international standing for the secrets to be out there. so yes, it damaged the US and our interests.

aside from PRISM, it's fine that international espionage is a secret to the American people. that's why it's called espionage!

Comment Re:Wrong by law (Score -1) 601

of course not. it's always wrong for a forign nation to breach our borders. we may do it to others, which doesn't change the fact that others do it to us. If I ever meet a chinese hacker online I'm going to send a pulse that will fry his computer. I am INVINCIBLE!

Comment Re:Wrong by law (Score -1) 601

I'm really happy with what Snowden did exposing PRISM, but I'm very unhappy about him sharing secrets with the Chinese. What's the point of damaging us internationally. NSA shouldn't be snooping on us (US citizens), but they're SUPPOSED to be snooping on the rest of the world - that's their job, they're spies! so revealing the NSA's activities in China doesn't really blow the whistle on anything, just shares secrets.

let's connect the dots: first, he flees to hong kong, which everybody agrees that all things being equal (ie without interference from Beijing), this is not a good place for him and he is within reach of USA. Second, he releases the PRISM bomb two days before the Obama / China summit, completely derailing the planned argument about espionage. then (3) he continues to leak deets to the chinese. what's the real story here? that's why i chose more villan that hereo.

Comment Re:And those expensive E-books... (Score -1) 129

literal much? the sale of books must support the publishing and writing industry. No bucks? No buck rogers (stories, that is). When you don't make any money selling books, you don't pay authors, so authors don't write. Enjoy reading blogs for the rest of your life, because I assume you don't put any value on anything more literary than xkcd. jerk.

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