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Submission + - Why it might be worth waiting for the iPhone 5? (

An anonymous reader writes: Rumors keep swirling around about the new iPhone 5 which might be released this autumn, although Apple has yet to confirm. The question is that the plaguing tech-savvy phone users all over the world should buy the iPhone 4S now or wait it out for a few months and upgrade when the iPhone 5 becomes available?

Submission + - SPAM: Learn the Essential HDR Shooting Skill from the Masters

anneguo1990 writes: "Photography is really the most simple way to record my sweet memory. When i still was a children, i always dreamed that i can travel aroud the world and use my camera to record the gorgeous landscape. Now i fall into love withHDR, which can fully show the images details from the highlight and the shadow. It's amazing.Even though the HDR images contain rich details, largely improving the image quality, it can only be used under the situation with the high contrast of light and shandow. It suits to shoot the subjects covering the dawn, the sunset, and the urban night scene etc."
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