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Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 190

Last night I sent my Gmail account an email from my ISP email system, then waited for it to show up. Nothing. So I resent it. Second time nothing.

The email contained two screen captures I needed at the office. The subject line was "Steve on telework". Nothing obvious that would trip Postini's spam filter. It is now 24 hours later and neither has shown up. I wonder how many other emails I don't get.


Comment Re:pdf-epub (Score 5, Informative) 193

I also tried converting from PDF to EPUB. Sometimes the PDF isn't in a good condition and I get a very poor EPUB. If that happens, I convert PDF -> RTF, clean up and spell check in MS Word, then RTF -> EPUB.

This has let me fix over-large graphics, incorrect page breaks, constant spelling problems from the OCR, and font problems.


Submission + - Most Veterans Administration Data Breaches from Mislaid Paper Documents (informationweek.com)

CowboyRobot writes: "Between 96 and 98 percent of our [data breach] incidents — it varies from month to month — deal with physical paper where people are not thinking about the fact that that piece of paper they're carrying around making benefits determinations has sensitive information and they need to protect it," said Stephen Warren, VA acting assistant secretary for information and technology. "If you consider the fact the VA has about 440,000 people that we service and that the department over 900,000 devices on the network, [a data breach count relating to IT assets] of somewhere between one and 10 in a month is pretty good," Warren said. "And many of those are things disappearing in inventory. Many are found subsequently because they got moved somewhere."

Comment Re:it is new... in a way. (Score 2) 111

You still don't understand RP propagation. Having an antenna receive a signal does not diminish the strength of the signal behind it any more than a metal light pole diminishes it. Both will cause a slight disturbance in the transmitted signal, but the rest of the signal will still continue past it. You can't calculate how many devices are receiving an RF signal by measuring field strength at a fixed distance.

Think of throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the waves travel outward. If you put a stick in the water, it will disrupt the wave slightly, but the rest of the wave continues radiating outward. The small amount of energy that the stick receives is so miniscule compared to the total circular wave, it can be thought of as zero. (Well, if the stick is 10 feet away from the source it intersects a circle more than 60 feet in circumference. A one-inch stick would disrupt 1/750th of the circle. 20 feet away? 1/1500th of the total circumference.) Plus, RF propagates in three dimensions, not just two.

And your proof? You suggest putting enough barriers around the transmitting antenna to capture all the radiated energy to gain back more than you started with. First, you would never effectively capture it all, unless you built a Fariday Cage around the transmitter. Plus you ignore the power loss in converting the RF power back to electricity. You can't prove your point by suggesting if you are wrong we would have perpetual energy.


Comment Re:thin client initiative (Score 1) 171

Comment Re:Seems like a touchy strategy... (Score 4, Informative) 174

Every release or two, Microsoft creates a new file format .. it then takes the competitors 5 years to catch up at which time, MS releases a new file format.

Microsoft opened the barn doors when they pushed to have the office format declared an Open Standard. They were very nervous that other file formats would be declared the new preferred open format by governments and organizations trying to get away from closed, undocumented, and proprietary formats. This has allowed other office suites to accurately read and write documents in Microsoft's formats. If Microsoft now tries to change their format again, without documenting all the changes, they risk having the Office 2010 format declared the only supported file format users are allowed to use by many companies. Microsoft's last couple of releases have done nothing but change the UI or licensing terms without adding anything substantive.

The horse has left the barn and Microsoft will have a devil of a time getting it back in.

Comment Re:When ... (Score 0) 74

Stop spending trillions on "defense" and you can take care of the sick and elderly, educate the young, feed the hungry, pave the roads and repair the bridges., and still have enough left over to explore space.

Without that money spent on defense, you wouldn't have any sick, elderly, young, hungry, roads, or bridges to worry about.

Comment Re:Once in a Hundred-Year storm... (Score 1) 148

You are confusing NASA and NOAA. NOAA is the agency responsible with tracking and reporting weather issues.

NASA took a look at the track the hurricane followed, then tried to list all the factors that would have to be present for a second hurricane to follow the exact same path.

This is like throwing a stick into a river and predicting all the factors that must be present for that stick to hit a boat's propeller twice. River flow, ocean flow, weather flow are all highly dynamic environments and NASA is trying to tie the likelihood of this happening again to the phase of the moon?


Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

Sure you hope smoking would be banned, because you don't smoke. Just as some people hope greasy hamburgers will be banned because they don't eat meat. And some people hope all alcohol will be banned because they don't drink liquor. And some people hope all cars will be banned because they ride a bike. And some people hope all soft drinks and coffee will be banned because they drink only water.

Each of these examples could be called "self harming bordering on criminal stupidity" but we allow them anyway. Remember the Eighteenth Amendment? See how well Prohibition worked? Each time something becomes unpopular someone wants to criminalize it. Or tax it heavily until they feel balance. Legislating morality is difficult, especially when everyone's mores differ so much.

Every one of those examples could be said to harm someone because either someone must pay extra taxes for medical care (obesity, high blood pressure, clogged arteries) or suffer environmental problems.

When did we become a nation of Majority Rules Absolutely? Each of those examples can be said to harm someone else in some small degree, but do we really need to prevent someone else from enjoying their own Pursuit of Happiness (whatever it might be) because it inconveniences us or upsets our particular sense of Rightness?


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