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Comment Mexican Compsci Undergrad (Score 1) 689

I am a Mexican freshman at Yale University, and I will major in computer science. I know that I will be tied to the United States for probably the next few decades of my life. There is no way that I will find a better job in Mexico after graduating. Chances are that if I do find a computer science "related" job, it will be as a web developer for some website building company; not precisely what one would expect after an ivy league education. The University is paying most of my tuition, and visas were never a problem; and so I owe this country a lot. But have no doubt, if I ever get the chance of creating jobs in my own country I won't think about it twice. There are more important things than profits.

Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 124

I live in Mexico and things don't always work that way. High end phones do seem to have a very large portion of the market, such as iPhones and flagship phones by other companies. Nevertheless low-end smartphones are also very popular. Blackberry (particularly Blackberry Curve, their cheapest model) seems to have a huge portion of the market, at least in my city (Monterrey, one of the three major cities in Mexico). Similarly, the Galaxy Ace has become extremely popular. TV is swarmed by ads of many smartphones, ranging from low-end to high-end. And even dumb-phones are still somewhat common. Our culture is obsessed with cellphones.

Comment Thinkpad (Score 1) 201

Wasn't IBM there first? This: Transformed into this: Im not sure if all models required the stylus. A friend of mine used his finger to use the touchscreen.

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