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Comment Re:Useful idiots ? (Score 1) 210

Paranoid bollocks speculation. Bollocks recital of history from an parallel universe.

Yeah, clearly the green movement (and "leftists" too, just to tar even more people with an even bigger brush) are "useful idiots" for the Russian intraterrestrial lizardmen. In reality it's God who changes the climate over time, and capital is God's gift to mankind. The lizardmen are jealous of your freedom.

Quality posting.

Comment Re:DIY Slashdot poll (Score 1) 800

Typical DarkOx post.

Yes, governments should never murder their citizens. It is all equally indefensible, whatever its "justification". That is my exact position. It should be yours too, being the "small, limited government" advocate that you are; or are you an apologist for just some types of state-administered murder?

Comment Re:The worst kind of corporatism (Score 1) 384

Communism can not exist without dictatorship [...] enforce [...] communism has to be supported by dictatorship

Given that statelessness is striven for, that's bollocks.

And historically, the only place where communism [sic] was democratically brought in is Chile

Wrong, but alright, carry on.

but look what it took to take it out

What, the CIA-orchestrated coup?

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