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Comment Re:The worst kind of corporatism (Score 1) 384

Communism can not exist without dictatorship [...] enforce [...] communism has to be supported by dictatorship

Given that statelessness is striven for, that's bollocks.

And historically, the only place where communism [sic] was democratically brought in is Chile

Wrong, but alright, carry on.

but look what it took to take it out

What, the CIA-orchestrated coup?

Comment Re:Outward Appearances (Score 1) 175

I kinda like the guy. He was actually doing some good, I think. But - if a weak person decides to go one on two with a sumo wrestler and a professional boxer tag team, don't expect me to feel overly sorry for him when he gets pounded into a mudhole.

I agree, the system is sick, but...

So one bit of your post is the equivalent of "I'm not a racist, but...", and the rest is a great demonstration of just-world fallacy. Well done.

Comment Re:My concern... (Score 1) 206

Having lost Apple's blessing, the company found to be using child labour goes out of business. Labour force of that former company generally moves to the new Apple-approved factory because that is where a glut of vacancies will open. [Adult] labour in that particular supply chain becomes more valuable because fewer workers are in that labour force (due of course to the absence of children), so the adult workers are paid proportionally more, so the adult workers needn't send children to toil in another factory in order to obtain a subsistence income.

That is what would happen if [labour] markets were as rational and smooth as the capital fetishists assert. It would be a flawless demonstration supply and demand. However, real life rarely demonstrates rationality, particularly not where exploitation is the rule; we can be sure that the managers and capitalists involved with the new factory will find other ways to take the piss, even in the absence of child labour.

Comment Re:My Question / Suicide is not for cowards (Score 1) 175

I tend to agree. It takes bravery to stare into the void and then decide to throw yourself into it, but that opinion seems to 'offend' these people (yeah whatever).

Let's be honest; 'Blah blah bullshit coward's way out blah blah Martin Luther King said Words blah blah total coward blah blah blah what a pansy he probably loved cocks up his bum as well...' is just a thinly veiled way of crowing over someone's suicide. So I'm confident that these posters dislike him because of his association with this or that, and just wish to crow over the fact he was driven to suicide.

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