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Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 375

You know who else still have honour? Klingons.

They also did that "death before dishonor" thing and were also hated by the Americans. Sometimes the two are difficult to tell apart! (Manga seems to be a reliable indicator, though; I have yet so see a Klingon reading a comic book on subway.)

Comment Re:Problem? (Score 0) 170

There's one huge hole in your "jews are evil warmongers" conspiracy: Why do the West Bank and Gaza even exist if that big-bad Netanyahu wants to commit genocide so bad? International opposition? But you say they don't care about that?

Iran stopping Israel? Oh but wait, Iran is a peace-loving socialist paradise with no ambitions of ever making weapons, much less nuclear weapons, so.. since Israel just wants to strike Iran out of some lust for war.. how could Iran prevent Israel from doing anything it wants?

Face it, the Palestinians are oppressed... by their own leaders. If Israel was so hellbent on taking over that territory, it would have already happened, and they sure wouldn't have pulled their soldiers out.

Comment Re:I donâ(TM)t suppose... (Score 1) 622

The problem here is that had she encrypted their file, only she would have been the victim (of a raid), but because she didn't, not only was she a victim of a raid but now other people will be victims of persecution. It's telling of how much she values those sources as people. Ignorance is not an excuse in this case; "I think I could learn how to do something securely but I won't because { it's too much time and hassle | the other people aren't worth that much | the risk is too small anyway | substitute-your-own-reason }" simply doesn't fly. If I were a whistleblower, I'd see it as a betrayal of trust. If she can't protect her sources, she shouldn't be doing the job.

Comment Re:I wish they'd do it here. (Score 3, Informative) 372

Well, white LEDs are most likely lousy for low levels of illumination because our color perception shifts with the illumination: our visual cortex expects redder colors in darkness, so physically white faint light looks unnaturally blue, and incandescent light bulbs correspondingly look too red when you attempt to use them for daylight levels of illumination. I'm patriotically proud to point out that this is called the Purkinje effect. ;-) While the fact that LED light appears brighter may lead to energy savings beyond the simple increase in energy conversion efficiency, I wonder how it will change the perception of traffic signs. The red ones will probably appear even darker. What about traffic safety?

Comment Re:Bring back the guillotine. (Score 1) 1160

It's 21st century now, why can't you have a hydraulic guillotine that would decapitate even a Terminator? Nah, the problem is different; the guillotine is insufficiently painful, just like nitrogen asphyxiation. Pro-death-penalty Americans would never approve of peaceful deaths of those to be executed.

Comment Re:Not in London (Score 1) 947

What the hell are you talking about? 25% of morning peak road traffic in central london is cyclists, so there are allot of people that disagree with you.

Nothing particularly dangerous about London, in fact i would say it feels safer than many cities because there are so many cyclists on the road you really feel that motorists will anticipate you such as being on the inside of them when they turn left. Watch out passing heavy trucks on the inside, same as anywhere else.

Submission + - Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Slay Patent Trolls (

Weaselmancer writes: In what the EFF is calling "The best patent troll-killing bill yet", the Innovation Act of 2013 already has bipartisan support and some teeth to go with it. Loser pays the court bill so the "little guy" has a chance of winning in court, transparency so you can discover who actually is pushing the case, and discovery reform to throw out frivolous suits are just a few of the gems in this new proposed legislation. Read on for the full details.

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