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Comment Re:What does the measering mean? (Score 1) 187

1 defect per kLOC is pretty good. The question is, however, *what* is exactly a defect? It is one thing to define a defect as an error that manifests itself when a piece of code is passed what ought to be a valid input, but we all know that no program will ever be handed any significant subset of all valid input during anyone's lifetime. Even that 1 defect per kLOC may never be triggered because even though the function is defective in terms of not handling all possible inputs from what one would consider the maximum reasonable input domain, the real usage could easily differ.

Comment Re:A10 has a GPU too (Score 1) 180

Yes you are right... it is unrealistically favorable to AMD that is since if you had bothered to look at the charts you'd note that the benchmark was a CPU-only test that gave AMD the advantage of being able to run the GPU at very low power since it isn't being stressed and redirect the power consumption to the CPU...

Oh and they also tested with discrete GPUs that completely relieve the APU of having to expend any energy on the IGP at all.

Comment Boring on the Desktop Great in Servers (Score 3, Informative) 180

These chips are slightly faster (given equal core counts) than their predecessors but not in any interesting way.

  However, you have to remember that these are really server chips that are repurposed for high-end desktop use. The one vital metric where these chips shine is in their power consumption (or lack thereof): Techreport did a test where the 6-core 4960X running full-bore is using about the same amount of power as a desktop A10-6800K part ( )

That level of power efficiency will do wonders in the server world and these chips (and their 12-core bigger brothers) should do quite well in servers.

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