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Submission + - Hacker successfully bypassed app store to install apps on iPhone 5 (

percyalpha writes: "There is currently no jailbreak for iPhone 5. However, hacker has figured out a way to bypass app store to install unauthorized apps. According to this blog post, all you need to do is to visit " " with mobile safari and an unauthorized app would be installed on your iPhone. Screenshots are also available on that blog post."

Submission + - Baidu blocks users from other search engines 3

percyalpha writes: "Baidu, the search giant in China, which also operates many products such as baidu answers, encyclopedia, forum, docs recently redirects clicks from 360, another search engine newly launched 15 days ago, to baidu index. For example, if a search result from 360 is an item on baidu encyclopedia, Baidu will redirect users to baidu index rather than this item. After some time, 360 used cached page to show all Baidu related results in order to avoid this redirection. The redirection and and counter redirection are still going on.

Now, it seems that Baidu is doing the same thing to Google, at least partially. This is a search for baidu answers. When you click any results, you will be redirected to baidu index with a banner saying"click to proceed to the specific results you are looking for". However, this redirection for Google only applies to Baidu answers and to this specific Google IP("

Submission + - Chinese-born American From Motorola Gets 4 Years For Trade Secrets Theft (

wrekkuh writes: Hanjuan Jin, a naturalized US citizen working as a software engineer for Motorola, was stopped during a random security search at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Feb. 28th, 2007, before she could board a one-way flight to China. On her person she had $31,000, a laptop, and various data storage devices (four external hard drives and several thumb drives). Upon further inspection of her data, customs agents had found hundreds of confidential Motorola documents, documents from a military contractor for the chinese military, and documents from the chinese military itself.

In the judgement from earlier this year, Jin was found guilty of three counts of stealing trade secrets but acquitted of the more serious charges of economic espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. She has been given a four-year prison sentence, and must also serve three years’ supervised release and pay $20,000

Comment We do detect restriction (Score 2) 30

When the download speed in China is significantly lower than that of in U.S, we categorize those websites as restricted. (Yellow instead of red)
About Google. Google is in fact accessible(might be slow) most of the time, at least until you search something with it. If your keywords accidentally contain restricted words, such as carrot in Chinese which contains one word of a commonly used family name, also a family name of one of the Chinese leaders, then your connection to any google page would be blocked for 90 seconds.

Submission + - Blocked websites in China overwhelmed Herdict database 1

percyalpha writes: "Greatfire is a website that automatically monitors Internet censorship in China. Recently, we improved our system to share all testing data with Herdict, a project at Harvard University on Internet blockages. User reports on Herdict of websites inaccessible in China are automatically imported into our system, and our data of websites blocked in China is also exported into the Herdict database. If you ever explore the first ten pages of herdict database, chances are all block reports are from China and imported from our system."

Submission + - China Telecom users can't access foreign websites for 20 minutes 3

percyalpha writes: "China Telecom users can't access any foreign website from about 10:20 A.M to 10:40 A.M BeiJing time On July 27. Other ISP such as Unicom are not affected.
This is a ping record to Google around that time. The outrage lasted shorter than
the one happen on April this year. However, users could no longer use minor VPN providers to circumvent the block as they did last time."

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