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Comment Re:Megalomanic (Score 3, Insightful) 290

I believe the interesting part of that article was this:

Space Travel, though it made a very attractive game, served mainly as an introduction to the clumsy technology of preparing programs for the PDP-7. Soon Thompson began implementing the paper file system (perhaps `chalk file system' would be more accurate) that had been designed earlier. A file system without a way to exercise it is a sterile proposition, so he proceeded to flesh it out with the other requirements for a working operating system, in particular the notion of processes. Then came a small set of user-level utilities: the means to copy, print, delete, and edit files, and of course a simple command interpreter (shell). Up to this time all the programs were written using GECOS and files were transferred to the PDP-7 on paper tape; but once an assembler was completed the system was able to support itself. Although it was not until well into 1970 that Brian Kernighan suggested the name `Unix,' in a somewhat treacherous pun on `Multics,' the operating system we know today was born.

...this came after descriptions of how the original authors tried to get permission from Bell Labs to construct this thing. Instead, they built it on discarded hardware. This origin was not exactly company sanctioned.

Comment Re:Reading, writing math, music and ball sports. (Score 2) 299

I have to agree with arth1. I had a very similar experience with the ball-playing, PE type activities. I wish I could have those hours back to work on the 2 things I love: Bicycling and System Administration/Amateur Programming.

In response to your question about fitness levels, there are loads of physical activities that don't require one to submit to the hierarchy of the Jock-enabled elite and get your ass pounded by bullies. Even after having destroyed my right knee, I still came back to bicycling because it provides much needed exercise, convenient transportation, a decompression break between my work and home lives and, finally, a physical activity I can perform while thinking. Overall, for being in my mid 30's and a domestic and generally sedentary person, I'm in damn good shape.

Comment Re:Who would know to stop updating? (Score 1) 259

If I had control of this, I'd make a convenient script that gets run at some interval. It doesn't take much to provide someone with a quick-and-dirty script with a desktop icon.

In the case of, the message is also signed. I have to assume the key is password protected so the script would include a prompt to enter the password, as well.

With X-Forwarding, SSH and other tools, having the interface to the switch be remote isn't even that difficult anymore. Hell, if the person responsible isn't the least bit tech savvy, you don't even have to rely on the CLI -- PyQT4 can create the UI. I'm sure there are other tools that are cross platform for performing these actions.

Comment Re:Why lump everything in one category? (Score 1) 259

I know my reason for being interested in this kind of flag is that the current use of power looks more like abuse of power and until I feel that it is reigned in to a level I'm comfortable with, I want to undermine the (ab)use of that power.

I would rather err on the side of never penalizing the innocent rather than err on the side of always penalizing the guilty if it means that the innocent may be swept up in the dragnet.

Comment Re:Illegal Patents (Score 1) 175

I believe the poster was supporting the idea that software patents are a bad idea. If the sorting algorithms had been patented things would suck.
Since patenting of software didn't occur until after many of them had been written, they remain unpatented and this is a good thing.

Reading comprehension is hard.

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