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Comment Re:For the umpteenth time... (Score 1) 469

Something important to note about many corporations is how difficult it is to know how far their reach extends and stay clear of it. This makes it difficult to not become one of their customers in some sense. I'd love to avoid Phillip Morris and not give them custom but it's not obvious that in order to do that I also have to avoid Kraft and other things related to it.

Comment Re:doesn't add up (Score 1) 357

I believe the increase is due to preventing TCP from self-throttling which it will do when it detects lost packets. Since fewer packets are lost, TCP doesn't need to throttle and you not only regain the packets that may have been dropped, but you also eliminate some of the need for retransmission, holding up a transaction while the missing packets are retransmitted as well as the slowdown that occurs when TCP detects a congested network.

This is a gross simplification, but hopefully it describes the situation.

Comment Re:In what context? (Score 1) 487

Or if you've "signed" social agreements not to bring harm to people who care about you then it's unethical because your actions could cause harship to those people. Think children, spouses, friends, family -- folks who are going to have to pick things up if/when you lose control of whatever it is that you're doing to and with your self.

Comment Re:No worries (Score 1) 39

Unfortunately, you're only half right. You have to take the listener into account.
I spend quite a bit of time in the queer community and hearing someone refer to something as being "totally gay" is positive. Both speaker and listener feel it's a good thing for something to be gay.
I could take that term off to my tech job and say that our new environment is totally gay and...well...I'd have to go and have a talk with HR about what's appropriate because, though I intended the statement to be as positive as the other community means it, my listeners didn't.
I never knew that "spade" was also a potentially racist word until someone pointed it out to me. I wasn't being racist but I was definitely making my listeners uncomfortable with my potentially racist remark.

tldr; Communication is a bi-directional and the listeners connotations matter just as much (or more) as the speakers.

Comment Re:I hated boredom... (Score 1) 351

I have to disagree. Though the listed items for the most part deal with things that are sourced from external stimuli, the act of cogitating on them for a while does NOT have to be external. Once you've read a piece of poetry or literature, heard a song or held a political discussion, you can go back and reflect on that. Distracting oneself with Angry Birds (the apparent favourite from reading so far) can prevent reflection on past experience or taking the time to extract meaning or insight from previous stimuli. That being the case, I'm guilty of hovering over my OpenSudoku while stuck at the DMV, so what do I know?

Comment Re:Do Not Track is not a problem (Score 1) 290

Those of us with extensible browsers can do better than DoNotTrack, which relies on the good nature of the site you visit.
Try getting a browser plugin to modify your headers and set it to filter or change your Referer header (I like to set mine to something snarky, in case the site I'm visiting is watching).
I've yet to have anything noticeable break as a result of this little hack.
Steps 2 and 3? Disable Cookies and Javascript. Of course, that can take quite a bit of fun and functionality out of HTTP services, but it's your privacy.

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