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Comment Re:It'll be like Pearl Harbor (Score 1) 204

Easily! People don't understand. When plane-loads of infected USB-drives strike you at terminal velocity, it really sucks. Dude, even the discarded pizza crusts and soda cans can damage paint. But it's those Kamikaze anonymous bastards you've really got to look out for; they'll fly right into a power-plant just to insert a USB-drive manually before they die. Yeah, if we don't toss a few bombs around, uphold copyright and have a purge, we're gonna get it, bad. All you can really do without the government's help is wear clean underpants and a very thick hat, and don't open any unusual emails. I also recommend putting a crystal near your router to keep out the negative energy -- I've heard that bad guys don't like it because it reminds them of transparency.

Submission + - Massachusetts May Soon Change How the Nation Dies

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Lewis M. Cohen writes that this Election Day, Massachusetts is poised to approve the Death With Dignity Act, a modernized, sanitized, politically palatable term that replaces the now-antiquated expression “physician-assisted suicide.” Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act has been in effect for the past 14 years, and the state of Washington followed suit with a similar law in 2008 but the Massachusetts ballot question has the potential to turn death with dignity from a legislative experiment into the new national norm because the state is the home of America’s leading medical publication (the New England Journal of Medicine), hospital (Massachusetts General), and four medical schools (Harvard, Boston University, University of Massachusetts, and Tufts). If the act passes in Massachusetts, other states that have previously had unsuccessful campaigns will certainly be emboldened to revisit this subject. The initiative would allow terminally ill patients with six months or less to live to request from their doctor a prescription for a lethal dose of a drug. Doctors do not have to offer the option at all, and patients must make three requests, two verbal and one written. They must self-administer the drug, which would be ingested. The patients must be deemed capable of making an informed decision. “It’s all about choice," says George Eighmey, a key player in instituting the Oregon law, defending it against repeal and shepherding it into reality. "You decide. No one else can decide for you. No can can force you into it, coerce you into it or even suggest it to you unless you make a statement: ‘I don’t want to live like this any more’ or ‘I’m interested in that law out there, doctor, can you give me something to alleviate this pain and suffering.’""

Comment New Perl Harbor: The Sequel (Score 3, Funny) 204

New Pearl Harbor is a melodramatic pre-imagining of the teenage attack on U.S. power-grids and the subsequent DooAlittleMoreThanNecessary Raid. While not directed by Michael Bay, fans of his in the CIA have collaborated with the makers of Innocence of Muslims and Rupert Murdoch in this captivating mind-wrenching sequel.

"When you see the part where Leonardo DiCaprio telnets into the Pentagon and sends drones to Moldova, you'll shit your pants!" -- Sock Puppet Reviews

"If you told me Justin Bieber could've played such a convincing hacker, I'd have laughed in your face" -- Hillary Clinton

"It brought tears to my eyes, and I was a POW." -- J. McCain

"Thank Yahweh for benzodiazepines! " -- Janet Napolitano (Eight-Time Mother of the Year Award Winner)

"You'll need your Mountain Dew for this one!" -- Anonymous

*Partially plagiarized from wikipedia.

Comment Re:Please, just stop... (Score 3, Insightful) 204

I think they know this well enough, but their terminology is specifically targeted at the sort of people who consider the act of defacing a webpage serious hacking. What we really need is a GUI interface in Visual Basic to track the IPs of these terrible cyber-terrorists. That'd do it, mark my wurd.

Submission + - China Plans End to One-Child Family Planning Policy (

hackingbear writes: Pointing to China’s plummeting birth rate and numerous impending demographic imbalances in arguing that the one-child policy has outlived its usefulness, a think tank affiliated with China’s State Council issued a report saying the country should start loosening one-child restrictions in areas where controls have been strictest as a prelude to eventually doing away with child limits altogether by 2020. Chinese family planning authorities credit the one-child policy with preventing around 400 million births, but concerns over the economic implications of China’s rapidly aging population, a widening gender imbalance and growing rights consciousness have led increasing numbers of academics and regular citizens to openly question the policy, which is sometimes enforced in brutal ways. Citizens, however, express split views on this plan through online forums (in Chinese); some calling for faster termination of the policy while others argue the country still have too many people.

Submission + - 70 year old WWII Encoded Pigeon Message found in chimney. (

Deathlizard writes: From "Secrets from World War II may have been found in a coded message attached to the skeleton of a carrier pigeon found in an English chimney. Theories suggest the bird was making its way from behind enemy lines, perhaps from Nazi occupied France during the D Day invasions heading toward Bletchley Park which was Britain’s main decryption establishment during World War II."

Submission + - Get your home tested for radon, Health Canada urges (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Health Canada is urging Canadians to test their homes for radon, a leading cause of lung cancer. After smoking, exposure to radon is the second leading cause of the often deadly disease. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the ground and can leak into homes through foundation cracks or gaps around pipes.

"Canadians are at higher risk of getting lung cancer if radon gas is present in their homes and if they smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke," Mary-Pat Shaw, acting CEO and president of the Canadian Lung Association, said in a statement issued by Health Canada.


Submission + - Facebook Prism Pushes Beyond Hadoop's Limits (

snydeq writes: "Facebook has said that it will soon open source Prism, an internal project that supports geographically distributed Hadoop data stores, thereby removing the limits on Hadoop's capacity to crunch data. 'The problem is that Hadoop must confine data to one physical data center location. Although Hadoop is a batch processing system, it's tightly coupled, and it will not tolerate more than a few milliseconds delay among servers in a Hadoop cluster. With Prism, a logical abstraction layer is added so that a Hadoop cluster can run across multiple data centers, effectively removing limits on capacity.'"

Submission + - Artifical misting system allows reintroduction of extinct toad ( 2

terrancem writes: The Kihansi Spray Toad went extinct in the wild in 2005 when its habitat in Tanzania was destroyed by a dam. However conservationists at the Bronx Zoo managed to maintain a captive population which is now large enough to allow a bold experiment to move forward: reintroducing the toad into its old habitat. To make the once tropical gorge moist again, engineers have designed an artificial misting system that should allow toads to survive in the wild. The effort marks what may be the first time conservationists have ever re-established an "extinct" species in a human-engineered ecosystem.

Submission + - 80,000lbs Of Walnuts Purloined In Northern California (

Penurious Penguin writes: While not quite as epic or bitter as losing 600 barrels of maple syrup — in two separate heists, 80,000lbs of walnuts have been stolen in Northern California since last week. The heist was discovered after the walnuts failed to reach their destinations in Miami, FL and Dallas, TX. If you happen to see a large man (approximately 6' 2") driving a white semi-trailer and munching on $300,000 worth of walnuts, it may be the villain. Officers with highly trained squirrels have yet to be posted at interstate weigh-stations.

Submission + - Presidential campaigns leaking supporters' identities to online tracking firms? (

Peter Eckersley writes: "Stanford privacy researcher Jonathan Mayer has published new research showing that websites of both the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns, which are used to communicate with and coordinate their volunteers, leak large amounts of private information to third-party online tracking firms. The Obama campaign site leaked names, usernames, zip codes and street addresses to up to ten companies. The Romney campaign site leaked names, zip codes and partial email addresses to up to thirteen firms."

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