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Comment Nobody ever got fired for choosing Microsoft (Score 0) 235

Granted I'm sure SOMEBODY somewhere has gotten fired for choosing Microsoft, but from my perspective one of the big problems in government (where I work) is that there is almost ZERO risk to choosing whatever MS happens to sell, even if it's horrible.

If you stick your neck out and choose something like Google Apps and it goes south all the fingers point at you. If on the other hand you choose Office 365 and things don't work out you can EASILY just point the finger at Microsoft and say "It's Microsoft and Windows, not my fault).

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 1576

The only thing propping up each party is it's opposition to the other.

If either party had total control of everything for an extended period (10 years) it would be a disaster.

Democrats should FEAR the destruction of the Republican party. Without somebody to point fingers at people realize the emperor has no clothes.

Same goes for the Republicans.

Comment Re:Very simple (Score 1) 1576

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

If you vote for the lesser of the two you've still enabled evil. It does not make you a better person for choosing "lesser" evil.

I refuse to vote for evil period. It's not my civic duty to choose which set of corporations get government help from political cronies.

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