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Comment Re:Samsung can't release it's OWN designs?!? (Score 1, Insightful) 354

Although I agree that Samsung might have been considering iphone like designes before the iphone came out, one has to consider if Samsung's designs were based on what they saw when Apple came to them for manufacturing as opposed to when it was released.

Samsung would have known the design of the iphone FAR before the release date due to the fact that they had to manufacture it.

Comment Enterprise not space worthy (Score 1) 63

Not that it detracts from viewing it, but lets be clear. Enterprise was NEVER intended to go into space without retrofitting it which after costs was considered prohibitive. It was cheaper to build Atlantis than to retrofit Enterprise which tells you something about how "space" worthy it really was.

Enterprise was critical for flight testing in the atmosphere before Columbia launched.

Comment If the Chinese "claim" a Lunar Pole (Score 1) 283

" There is no mechanism to enforce the 1967 Outer Space Treaty except for a given country’s unwillingness to undergo international opprobrium. Moreover, a country can withdraw from the treaty at will. China tends to do what it wants to do, unless the economic or political price is perceived to be too high. The potential of the Moon and cislunar space may outweigh their sense of geopolitical risk or concern about international ostracism."

BS. It would not be that hard to launch a nuke towards a lunar pole. Dark side might be a little more difficult since I'm assuming once you launch it would be hard to change the trajectory.


Other than killing/destroying whatever is at the pole, detonating a nuke there would have no real consequences here on earth like fallout.

Comment Bitcoin's continued existence proves usefulness (Score 1) 430

The fact of the matter is, it continues to exist and continues to be used DESPITE people saying that it's useless and will collapse and never be used again.

Despite all the naysayers (and I DON'T own any bitcoins) the supply continues to expand. One has to acknowledge the reality of what is actually happening with the currency vs what one thinks or would like to happen. (well, you don't have to but that's another argument)

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