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Comment Re:"duh" (Score 1) 57

Please people. Check your sarcasm detectors as they are malfunctioning. The whole 'bodybuilders have known this for years' thing is simply a cliche. The poster was just going for a laugh, and got you bozos instead.

Or better yet, dispense with sarcasm and humour entirely. They fill page after page with pointless, misleading banter that adds nothing of value to either the topic under solemn consideration or its posters karma score - which should be proof enough that such levity is unwanted here. This is a highly respected veneral website; a careless joke here could have far-reaching consequences.

That's what they use to say about dancing and rock n' roll. Just saying. ;)

It's the job of the receptor to receive accordingly. Far-reaching consequences are the fault of other readers/posters and not that of the OP -- me.

Learn how to dance!

Comment Re:Is it me or... (Score 1) 157

There is a truth in what you're saying. When it comes to self, I have seen many developers unable to be objective oriented or have a self-corrective mechanism when it comes to relating to the "real" world. From my observations, their social mechanisms were solidified prematurely. What was once their escapism became their trade; in some ways they never had a chance to grow.

I believe in this industry we need more humility. I think teaching developers the defensive modes of business (e.g. writing proposals, presentations, methodologies in teamwork) can at least offer them a code of ethics to follow while they mature their issues of self/ego in "real" world scenarios.

I still hold that developers are objective; since their trade requires them to be. I agree they are not so good at applying the objectivity to their own behavior; or it could even be said that those tools and thought processes aren't applicable to self-growth.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 407

Men much smarter than you have devoted their entire careers

When you say this, you sound dismissive and stupid. From your former posts, I know you are not stupid but simply dismissive. From that, I can only derive that you have psychological and esteem issues.

Just saying.... this comes from someone who has an IQ over 200.

Now, a better of way of phrasing the same sentiment would be, "smart men have invested more time and work into [this topic] than you have."

Comment Re:Is it me or... (Score 1) 157

I'm a developer too. I agree the young developers have ego issues. But there's an ocean's difference between ego and racism. The resentment I addressed is not racially influence; it's also compounded by the current state of corporate affairs. When someone is not valued for their work, something internally happens. Ego is one thing, it can easily be put into check; but when a developer is not valued nor capable of being assessed, then that egotistical pushback becomes something real and tangible. It becomes resentment.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 2) 407

This is true, but it's JavaScript we're talking about. Project requirements are rarely scoped and developed from the ground up. Most apps and sites are dependent upon bloated frameworks and libraries that are not tailored for mobile capabilities; said frameworks were developed for the desktop.

Not to mention very few JS developers know how to properly manage memory.

Comment Re:Is it me or... (Score 4, Insightful) 157

It's not racism. It's resentment and entirely justified. From my experience, here's how it grows:

1) Bids and proposals are submitted to American client 2) Middle management of said American client decides to go with lowest bidder (typically from India) 3) Lowest bidder can't satisfy contract due to incompetence 4) 1 year later, project still can't satisfy requirements. 5) American client back peddles to find American developers to fix and complete project 6) American developers review the code... it's a steaming pile of shit. 7) If American developers have sense, they decline the project and quote the client for the whole project

Now, if you're working in-house, the same thing happens except that you can't politely decline the project and are forced to deliver on a steaming pile of shit and you have to have your name attached to garbage.

It's not racism. Developers are objective; if it were good, quality code there wouldn't be any pushback or resentment.

Comment Re:Hasn't this ship sailed? (Score 1) 778

I'm a web developer and have taken JS & CSS for common for years and years now. Spent about 6y working at a small local web design shop and it just wasn't feasible to double contract amounts to make sites work without JS.

Sounds like a management problem, not yours. It is feasible to double contract to create JS-disabled fallbacks. Your company needs to address this in their proposals under accessibility.

Comment Re:This is *NOT* what Apple does. (Score 1) 778

This is not what Apple does. Safari has an option in the main preferences pane to enable "Show Develop menu in menu bar". For the past several years, Safari's developer tools have been the most advanced. Other browsers, especially Chrome, have mimicked their GUI and toolset albeit as a dumbed-down implementation.

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