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Comment Nomad Building (Score 1) 244

With all the resources that only a civilisation like Magrathea might have, we could build our own Rama cylinder! w00t!

Step One: Find a big chunk of floating planet.
Step Two: Reconfigure the resources
Step Three: ???
Step Four: Profit
Step Five: Let your next generation prodigy meet the humans who got to whichever star or another in two weeks.
Step Six: What? You're probably dead now anyhow. Great time to be a joke.
Step Seven: This step intentionally left blank.

Comment Stoners to the Rescue! (Score 3, Interesting) 348

You know what's high efficiency, has long term cost benefits and is environmentally friendly?
Sulfur Lamps!

Best use, however, is piping the light, as installing them into a room comes with many annoyances, like communication interference and microwave ballast placement. However, I must admit, they have some great uses, and currently, nothing beats them for central lighting...they glow a Fusor Test-fire purple when they first get started; how awesome is that?

Comment Holy Junk! (Score 3, Interesting) 33

That summary ignores we already have that!

It only sounds interesting if you A) Don't know that we've had that capability since NORAD tracked Sputnik with similar projects done by every major space administration on Earth, or B) Didn't bother reading the infrastructure proposed.

And now, the troll that has a joke for, "Holy Junk!"

Comment Paging Minister Hacker (Score 3, Interesting) 420

"As it is, governments do just enough to appear to be doing something." How it is that this is not a Sir Humphrey Appleby quote astounds me!

Perhaps one of these quotes could work in its place:

"Two kinds of government chair correspond with the two kinds of minister: one sort folds up instantly and the other sort goes round and round in circles."

"'The Government's position' means 'the best explanation of past events that cannot be disproved by available facts'."

"In government, many people have the power to stop things happening but almost nobody has the power to make things happen. The system has the engine of a lawn mower and the brakes of a Rolls Royce."

"A Civil Service computer strike would bring government to a standstill if it were not for the fact that it is already."


Topically speaking, I've notice the biggest problem to accepting a scientific understanding comes in the form of two anti-science options: 1) A scientifically sounding think tank or lobbyist's research seems directly in conflict with reality but fits well other people's preferred realities and 2) All scientific understanding is really an indoctrination technique, and only the ignorant can see reality.

Of course, neither is particularly exclusive in any field.

Comment High Concept == Lazy Bullshit (Score 1) 144

"It's like FaceBook, but it's entirely for gamers with registered stats, competition organization, walkthrough wikis, easter eggs, cheat codes and skins!" I've heard this before, it's called, "High Concept." It is the reason why 90% of US movies are easy to forget within a few years. "It's Space!" The description of 'Alien' which lead to a franchise that has lasting impact, but the vast majority of high concept ideas end up as forgettable works. There are lots of things in the digital world that the real world doesn't have a ready analogue for (though many are created to explain them to those that didn't do much immigrating in 40+ age realm.)

Digital analogues (ha) were necessary for trying to exploit the potential functionality of modern computing (or explain things for funding). The fermionic world will continue to innovate new things for the human experience, and the digital world will incorporate them. The digital world will create things that have no comparative functions in the physical realm of human experience, and the real world will find ways to use the core idea that came from them. To say one group will always think from this environmental context is to ignore modern civilization wouldn't have happened without people who could do otherwise. There is a maximum 2% genetic difference between any two people without significant genetic defects (T21), which means someone who genuinely believes in Intelligent Falling has nearly the same intellectual potential Dr. Martyn Poliakoff, and conversely, the average slashdot poster has nearly the same social skill set Princess Di.

"The periodic table of videos show sixtysymbols in a numberphile testtube," is strangely recognizable to the target audience of one reference in the above paragraph.

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