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Comment Re:Facebook is a public place (Score 4, Insightful) 483

This is true and a fair point, but if people can't be bothered to take a few minutes to understand that by using Facebook even posting things as "private" or using their "private" chat feature, they are giving up whatever they are posting to Facebook, that is there own fault and I have no sympathy for them :) Maybe this sort of thing will even help to increase people's knowledge and people will stop being dumb when using social networks.
Open Source

Submission + - Issue-wise crowdfunding for Open Source ( 1

casals writes: Another crowdfunding site came up, this time using a bounty-based approach: it's called Freedom Sponsors ( Individuals (developers) register and are paid to solve tasks — issues related to open-source projects. Seems a nice way to get paid for short-term projects and at the same time to speed up issue solving on open source projects (since there are already a lot of companies that already use open source libraries/frameworks).

Submission + - Mysterious Sprite Photographed by ISS Astronaut (

astroengine writes: "A very rare and beautiful view of a red sprite has been photographed by Expedition 31 astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) hovering just above a bright flash of lightning in a thunderstorm over Myanmar. First documented in a photo in 1989, red sprites are very brief flashes of optical activity that are associated with powerful lightning discharges in storms — although the exact mechanisms that create them aren't yet known. But the orbiting outpost seems like the perfect vantage point to learn more about them!"

Comment Re:Who's this CowboyNeal? (Score 2) 148

Because the number of digits on your ID indicate how long you've been reading slashdot... I've read slashdot for many years now and only recently bothered to make an account. Perhaps you're correct and he was being facetious. It's equally possible that he really didn't know who CowboyNeal was and was genuinely curious. No need to be an elitist.

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