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Comment Re:Sony close to breaking even... (Score 1) 496

Not quite, they didn't include markup (ie store profits and overhead) in their analysis. That could run anywhere between 20-50%.

From TFA:

iSuppli’s teardown analysis accounts only for hardware and manufacturing costs and does not take into consideration other expenses such as software, box contents and royalties. Thus, the difference between the cost of the product and the U.S. price is even greater than $31.27.


Submission + - AMD Reveals "Griffin" and "Puma" M

MojoKid writes: "AMD disclosed a few details today regarding their upcoming mobile platform technologies, codenamed "Griffin" and "Puma". According to AMD, Griffin will be manufactured at 65nm and it will feature a new mobile optimized on-die Northbridge with a power optimized DDR2 memory controller, HyperTransport 3 connectivity, and larger L2 caches that current designs. Details here show the new memory controller should also extended battery life thanks to new power saving features, that allow the controller to operate on separate power plane and at a lower voltage than the execution cores."

Submission + - Norton AntiVirus flags Pegasus Mail as a trojan

dtobias writes: "In an update on May 17, Norton AntiVirus from Symantec began detecting the executable file for the current version of Pegasus Mail for Windows as the "Trjan.Dropper" trojan horse and deleting it. Attempts to reinstall Pegasus fail as long as Norton is active. There is no definitive word yet about why they have done this and whether and when they will fix it. Much discussion is in the Pegasus community forum. It appears that attempts to resolve the issue through Symantec tech support resulted in the typical clueless support-droid reactions."

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