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Comment Re:Very slow (Score 1) 124

I actually left a company last year over a custom Magento project. At one point, they were throwing $1500/mo worth of dedicated server at a vanilla install (v1.1.something), and it was taking upwards of 20 seconds to load a product page. Load times have gotten significantly better since then, but it can still be showstoppingly slow even on tier 1 hardware.

Comment Re:So many others could benefit of similar methods (Score 1) 216

Indie rockers Speechwriters LLC did something similar with one of their albums, in their case giving it away for free once its associated tour had been paid for and the next album released.

Of course, they're still fairly unknown, so that's not the best example. But I'm sure the number of gained listeners outweighed the number of lost sales, which is clearly what you want if you're considering this kind of price tinkering.

Comment Re:Oblivion is the perfect example. (Score 1) 404

Try Morrowind. I got exactly this with Arkngthand, my first Dwemer ruin. Naively expecting to slice through whatever came my way, I proceeded to get killed by spider bots about 10 times before I gave up, dumbfounded that the dungeon somehow wasn't matched to my level. After doing a few more side quests, I leveled up sufficiently to carve through the previously unkillable foes and teleport back to the nearest temple, having used all my healing potions and acquired the artifact with something like 10% health remaining.

It was a legitimately awesome experience. Believe the hype, Morrowind really is Oblivion minus the sunshine & bad play mechanics.

Comment Gears and you're done. (Score 1) 408

This episode made me really glad I use Google Gears. Yes, it makes my Google Apps experience noticeably more wonky, but I've taken to using Safari as my day-to-day Gmail/Docs/Calendar app, firing it up in Firefox + Gears every week or so to keep the offline backup synced. To each his own, but as a guy who just wants a mindless backup solution and doesn't mind having copies of his life floating around Mountain View, I can't recommend Gears highly enough. YMMV.

Comment Re:worksforme (Score 1) 270

I can testify as a 100% independent, Cakewalk-in-the-bedroom, self-releasing musician that I submitted a form at back in 2008 and was kind of shocked when they later sent me a (very small) "Webcast Royalty Statement". Despite the copious OpenMusic / Creative Commons language on my website and CDs.

They're everywhere, man.


Google Funds Work for Photoshop on Linux 678

S point 2 writes "Google has announced that they have hired Codeweavers, maker of the popular Wine software to make Photoshop run better on Linux. 'Photoshop is one of those applications that desktop Linux users are constantly clamoring for, and we're happy to say they work pretty well now...We look forward to further improvements in this area.' It is unknown whether or not the entire Creative Suite will be funded for support, but for the time being it seems Photoshop-on-Linux development is getting a new priority under Google."

Gravity Lamp Grabs Green Prize 596

eldavojohn writes "A lamp powered by gravity has won the second prize at the Greener Gadgets Conference in NYC. From the article, "The light output will be 600-800 lumens — roughly equal to a 40-watt incandescent bulb over a period of four hours. To "turn on" the lamp, the user moves weights from the bottom to the top of the lamp. An hour glass-like mechanism is turned over and the weights are placed in the mass sled near the top of the lamp. The sled begins its gentle glide back down and, within a few seconds, the LEDs come on and light the lamp ... Moulton estimates that Gravia's mechanisms will last more than 200 years, if used eight hours a day, 365 days a year." The article contains links to the patents and the designer/inventor Clay Moulton's site." I think my laptop would require a slightly larger weight to pull this off.

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