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Comment Re:OP must be new here (Score 3, Interesting) 513

But is that how it should be? The best comparison is Android to Windows/Linux, where we see old hardware being upgradeable, by the user, without rooting the device. There is no technical reason a one year phone cannot be upgraded to JB. But thanks to Google/device manufacturers handing so much control to carriers that does not happen. This is a situation where Apple really does lead the way.

Comment $61+ (Score 1) 314

I currently pay $49 for 500GB of monthly data on my ADSL connection, which tops out around 11mbit. On my Telstra (Australia) phone I get around 6mbit (and better upload speeds than my ADSL connection). For the flexibility of using the data anywhere I'd be willing to pay a little over $60. But by unlimited, I presume we are talking about true unlimited data, not 'unlimited' until I pass 5GB of data: I already can do that on my phone.

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