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Comment Re:so you lot are promoting ip theft now ? (Score 1) 359

Unfortunately, here's how it works:
1. Copyright law is there to prevent someone from taking credit for another person's work. I have no problem with this and all lawsuits based on copyright infringement are basically null because people are not claiming credit for another's works.
2. Theft constitutes inflicting a measurable loss against another party. (this is where things start to get hairy)
3. Regardless of your opinion of the healthcare law, the government has shown that they can and will force people to engage in commerce, with the purchase mandate.
4. With the ability to track and tally data transfers on the internet now, there are now measurements of how often and the number of times something has been downloaded. Before the internet (well, before the masses had access to it), the RIAA couldn't provide metrics as to losses because there were no metrics, even though we all know exactly what those cassette tapes were used for ;-)
5. Contraband laws which cover stolen goods/services

What you now have is the cliche' recipe for disaster for the masses, and here's why:
- The RIAA/MPAA/etc. now have a quantification of their 'losses,' which means they can apply theft laws with metrics based on quantity of downloads.
- The pirated copies are now considered contraband, as they are now classified as stolen goods, and possession of stolen goods is a punishable criminal offense.
- The government has shown they can force you to purchase whatever the hell they want if they choose to do so, and on their terms. When the government is controlled by the lobbyists of the RIAA/MPAA/others, they now control what you must purchase and how it is purchased.

When you purchase a DVD/CD/software/etc, you are purchasing a license, not the actual songs. With that license, you are legally bound to only use the items this license applies to in ways that the license permits you to do. If you buy a CD, you may only use the contents of that disk the way the license says you may, at the whim of the record company, which means you may only play the cd in a cd player. You cannot rip the songs to your MP3 player, or back up the disk to your computer, or share the contents with your friends, whether you loan the disk to them or upload MP3's to the web for them to acquire at their convinence, or even have the DJ play the contents at your birthday party. Same thing with DVD's as well as software. This is where they get you, this is how they win, and they are within their legal rights. This does not mean the system is not broken, because it is.

In reality, most artists don't make anything off of record sales, so truth be told, they probably don't give a flying fuck what you do with the CD/DVD after you buy it. Their money comes from touring. Even with software, Adobe doesn't exactly actively pursue random schmucks over pirated versions of photoshop, namely because nearly all pirated copies are in the hands of people who are using the software to make memes or do other generally dumb and/or harmless stuff. Adobe makes their money off of graphic designers who actually use the software to make a profit. This is a good example of 'doing it right'.
People pirate movies because of 2 things: one, they're tired of taking out a second mortgage to go see something in the theater; two, they're tried of all of the crappy, poor quality, and just generally bad movies and don't want to pay for crap any more.

What it comes down to is LEGALLY, they are in the right and pirates are in the wrong, and as long as there is profit to be made and control to be had, it will stay that way. Until there is a mass boycott of ALL products that the RIAA/MPAA are responsible for, and for a long enough period of time to do enough damage that it nearly bankrupts them all, all at once. All consumption must stop, pirating included, in order to send a big enough 'fuck you' to the fat cats in Hollywood and Capitol Hill.

Comment Small Claims court (Score 1) 443

Here's what you're probably looking at if they send no one: Judgement in your favor with a few stipulations you should be able to get... What you paid: $500.00 Add your court costs: (+/- $120.00) Add travel expenses, be prepared to produce invoices/receipts Add lost wages (pre tax, if applicable) Add legal fees (if allowed/applicable) Judgement against you: pay court costs waste vacation day(s) IF they send someone that knows what he's doing: Judgement in your favor: What you paid: $500.00 Add your court costs: (+/- $120.00) Add travel expenses, be prepared to produce invoices/receipts Add lost wages (pre tax, if applicable) Add legal fees (if allowed/applicable) Subtract what you would have paid on an annual agreement for the same time period you have had the service (if he/she's really good, monthly agreement) Judgement against you: pay court costs pay legal fees (if any, theirs and yours) If the defendant is a bloodsucking asshat: forced to fight likely counter suit which will cost you god knows what and probably put you in financial ruin... More than likely the judgement will be in your favor, unless the judge finds himself on their payroll.....

Comment Re:who owns the uspo? (Score 1) 306

Why not try to create a better informed electorate?

In what way and to what purpose?
If we had a properly informed electorate, There would have been term limits long ago, patent trolls would have been beaten back under the bridge where they belong, and corporations wouldn't have anywhere near the power that they have now. Hell, if we had a better informed electorate, the country wouldn't be headed off a financial cliff.

Right now, they do have a 'better informed electorate,' except that in reality the electorate has been brainwashed with false truths that have been carefully crafted by the corporations and government officials, namely so that they stand to gain regardless of what the outcome of the vote is. They're simply using simple sleight of hand tactics to feed the illusion of control to the electorate.

Comment Re:my guess is it doesn't matter. (Score 1) 98

Agreed.... The reality of the whole thing is unless they plan on having regular schmucks performing spacewalks.... the need for space suits inside the ship is negligible. The jumpsuits they wear now inside the ships are antimicrobial, and provide a minimum level of insulation to keep the astronaut warm. Remember that the astronauts are up for days on end now. They need specialized clothing considering space limitations on the capsules/ISS since they will have to wear the same outfit for a week. For the short hops tourists will be doing, jeans and a nice cotton shirt will suffice just fine. IF the ship/capsule depressurizes, generally speaking, all aboard are completely screwed unless they're wearing the spacewalk suits..... and even then if they aren't relying on the suit's life support system, they'll be screwed anyway. because it will only take a matter of literally a few seconds for the ship to depressurize.

Comment Re:Fatality rates (Score 1) 1165

Honestly I think they count suicides in gun deaths just to fluff the number against firearms. If someone wants to kill themselves bad enough, they're going to regardless. If there are no guns, a steak knife to the wrist works equally well.... so does rat poison and car exhaust.

Comment Re:Salaries (Score 1) 886

You know that Geek Squad pays on average 15 bucks an hour in my area...... which is quite a bit more than pretty much any entry level and even equal to or more than some mid level 'real world' IT job I've seen on the want ads lately... Its a sad state of affairs when a high school kid working part time at best buy makes as much or more than a sys admin.... either that or I'm way behind the times

Comment Re:Salaries (Score 1) 886

Your salary is based on the Supply of available workers and the Demand for that type of work. (which under this condition would show that IT workers should be paying a lot more)

Keyword: Should.... Reality: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAROFLOMGWTFBBQ! They pay the first person to come along that is desperate enough to work for nothing.

Now a lot of companies will try to dig from the bottom of the barrel to try to find a Diamond in the rough "A really good employee for cheap" now this is a method of disaster, however that is what they do, because their cash is tight.

If cash was so tight then how come they're posting record profits? Given that you have an MBA, you should know that it's all about the bottom line.

Now if you prove yourself a hard worker, (and the company is using proper HR policies), The company will see your value as greater and give you a raise, and try harder to retain you.

PRMan is right.... I can tell you from personal experience, they aren't giving raises, and if you show them an offer from another company.... expect to be thrown out on your ass in a week. If they can't find an excuse to fire you, you'll be involved in a 1 man layoff.

The MBA classes do teach that the higher you pay a person the harder they will work (not the opposite) however, most of these MBA's you talk about are not MBA's but some guy with a AB or BB degree. and just because they are in a higher position, you figure they are MBAs.

Reality: they cut salaries and continually float rumors of layoffs on a regular basis to keep you working for far less than you are worth.... and laugh while you squirm. Company morale is of no consequence to them. Also from what is being seen around here.... the more you make, the less you actually do. Around here, you were taught what we call... a lie.

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